Some please explain!


I went on the site about renting points.I checked out the points for each Disney resort to rent,but I am still not sure I understand how it works.Can I rent 1 or 2 days only,or does it have to be 1 week only. How much time do I need between finding a place locating someone to rent from and renting it.Just need a liittle help understanding this one.


How long and how many points you rent is up to the person you are renting the points from and how many they have available. I think it’s all about what’s available for your time frame. I rented points from my upcoming trip and made the arrangements last November for this october. I don’t know if there is a certain time limit meaning how much notice you need to give…again I think it’s about what is available when you go. The person you are renting from makes a reservation in your name under their points and then sends you a reservation with your name on it. I highly reccomend doing this with someone you know or really doing your research before doing it. The going rate for points depending on what time of year is between $10 - $12 per point. I don’t know if I have helped you or confused you…sorry this is my first experience with it as well and I’m still kinda a rookie with it. I was fortunate enough to rent from someone I know and trust and am not sure of the percautions you should take when doing this with a stranger.


if at all possible - rent from someone you know. that way you know who toy are dealing with.


I think renting DVC points is SUCH a great value!!! I am renting points this year for my December trip and I can’t wait! Like Dana, since this is my first time, I’m a rookie. But what’s great about renting points is that you can purchase the meal plan without having to buy park tickets! AND you get to stay at a Deluxe Resort for below moderate prices!!! Just do your research and try to rent from someone you know (if at all possible). If not, just be careful and try to see if anyone can recommend anyone. GOOD LUCK!


If you are renting fomr someone you know I wouldn’t worry about it but if you are renting from a stranger Mickey has suggested an escrow company to hold your money until you check in and know everything is in order.


Can someone who has rented from DVC members give me an idea of what they paid compared to what they would have paid had they just book through Disney. Thanks


I haven’t rented points for myself, but own DVC and also have looked into renting points for extended trips. Most folks rent points in the $10-$12 range. So let’s say $10 per point to make it easy. Last year we used 55 points for a 5 night stay for a studio at OKW. So basically, if we would have rented points from someone, we would have spend about $550 for our stay. I’ve read somewhere that the studios can be booked w/cash thru Disney for somewhere in the neighborhood of $200+ per night. Simple math says that’s $1000+ for the same 5 night stay. I really think it’s more like $250/night, but it’s been awhile since I’ve checked hard $ reservations, so the savings could be greater.
So, by renting from someone could = $550. Paid for outright = $1000+…you save $450+ by renting DVC points. The trick is finding someone YOU trust, comes with strong recommendations, etc. There’s are risks involved, so be careful. The DVC owner always has control of the reservation, you cannot call DVC and make changes or even confirm (maybe…but I think you need a membership # to get any details on an account). It’s all about Trust and maybe even having an escrow account to hold the $$ until the transaction is complete at checkin. Lots of people do it w/great success. Good luck!


A Goofy Family hits the nail on the head.

Renting is a great way to get top-notch accomodations for half the rack-rate, BUT as everyone says - you must tread carefully when renting. Having an escrow account is good advice. www.Disboards has a huge DVC section, with people renting points all the time. Give it a look. Wish I had points to rent - but we’ve used ours up until next Feb.:sad:


We’re already borrowing Oct '07’s points!!! :blush: :blush: Shoulda bought more points from the beginning…can’t get enough of those Disney trips!!!:mickey:


I guess my question is,can I rent points by the night. I mean can I just buy points if I want to go for 2 or 3 nights?


Yes you can. If you only want to stay for 2 nights, then you use however many points are required for 2 nights. Just remember, when you rent points from someone, you are renting those points only, not buying them. The nice thing about DVC compared to traditional timeshares is that you can use your points on a per night basis instead of having to stay for a week. Hope this helps.


Yes that helps alot.My problem is I don’t know anyone who owns DVC.I will keep my eyes and ears open. I would like to look into that for next year sometime.


Alot of us here own DVC - did you put a request in the Renting forum?


No,not yet.When I have made my decision,I will certainly do that,thanks so much.


I more then likely will be renting out points next year (Oct. 2006) I would be into having a buddy list of members to “swap” with.:pirate: