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My family will be going to WDW for the first time in June. Of course I have a million questions for all you Disney experts but I’ll try to keep it short.

We are traveling Southwest airlines and have tranfers included in our package. I believe the bus service is Mears. Has anyone used this service? Should I have just gotten a taxi?

Can I find out how busy it will be in june by checking in an official guide book to Disney? I live in Vermont and my kids get out the 2nd week. We are leaving right away.

Anyone stay at the pop century? I’ve heard the rooms are small but I can handle that.

I’m interested in trying out the pin trading. I’ve looked on ebay to purchase some pins to get us started. Does anyone know if all pins are tradable?

Thanks for any info you can give me and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more questions for everyone.



Only disney pins are tradeable…and only “regular” pins…not limited editions are tradeable with a cm…one at a time too!


I can’t help with much but we did stay at POP and loved it. We went last July and the Unofficial Guide was great at getting me ready.



Welcome!!! Glad to have you here.

You’ve got a lot of questions. Let’s try and help you…

Mears is the service. I have not used them, but Disney has new door-to-door comp service from the airport to your room. (There are threads on it somewhere or talk to the person you are booking your trip through.)

Crowd levels. Check this link:

You mentioned the “Official Guide.” To me, the OG reads like a tourist brochure. Everything is fuzzy and happy. You’d think WDW is perfect because they’re talking about themselves. The “UNOFFICIAL Guide to WDW” is the book to go with. It’s comprehensive, easy to read, and (I feel) dead on in its praises and criticisms of WDW.

Pop Century is great! Although the rooms are small, it’s so festive and colorful. Unlike any hotel you’ve stayed at.

Finally, pin trading.

Here’s a thread about ebay:

And in the bottom of the forums list, you’ll see a whole section on pin trading.

Hope this helps get you started. If you forget everything else I’ve just typed, remember this: Buy the Unofficial Guide!!!


First of all, welcome to DisneyCentral.

Is your transfer through Mears or the new Disney Magical Express? If you have a transfer through Mears I would suggest you change it over to the new service. It’s free and sounds great. You will get special luggage tags and you won’t have to touch your luggage once you check it until it gets to your resort room.

Look at this page, it has all the information you need about Disney’s Magical Express.

If you don’t have a guide book yet I suggest you get the Unofficial Guide–it’s great. Passporter is also a very popular guide book. Expect large crowds when you go in June. If you read as much as you can before you go you can still have a great trip no matter how crowded the parks are. We always go in the summer and don’t have a problem dealing with the crowds.


Beginning May 5, the Magical Express will be available to take you from the airport to any WDW resort for free. I have read on DC that SW is participating but you’ll want to check. There have been some negative comments about Mears on DC, mostly involving the long wait. We opted to rent a car, with discounts it was about the same price as a transfer and we’ll have a car available all week if we need it. Check for information on transfers as well as rental car discounts. A great source for money saving tips.

The Unofficial Guide has an estimated attendance that many DCers have sworn by: The Unofficial Guide book is a great for planning your trip.

Have fun!


I think we all must have been answering these questions at the same time!

I agree with Caver on the Official Guide. I bought the Unofficial Guide and a friend loaned me the Official Guide. I actually went through for each resort, park and ride, reading first the Official Guide, with it’s pretty pictures and positive spin, and than the Unofficial Guide, getting the real story. I felt like I got a pretty realistic view that way.


Wow, look at Caver and Disney Teacher, they have covered it all
So the only thing left to say here is WELCOME TO DC.
Ask as many questions as you want. Everyone here is crazy and loves to help out.

Caver, how do you do it with all your eyes on everyone? Amazing, simply amazing.


See…great minds think a like.

The Unofficial Guide has well-laid out touring plans that will cut time off standing in lines. It rates resorts and restaurants. It tells you how to use Disney transportation.

Oh, don’t forget to get all kinds of info, including menus. You can also subscribe to their weekly e-newsletter.


We used the Mear service last Oct. It was fine. But be prepared to wait for awhile before you are able to board the buss. They give you a light-up pager to hold. When it lights up, you board the bus. We waited about 20 minutes to board the bus. Then the bus pulled around to another stop at a different part of the airport to board more passengers. We finally got going. We were not the first resort to get off the bus. Our return trip to the airport was much faster. The service was fine, it just took a long time. I would choose another form of transportation next time. You will have a great time at WDW! Have fun planning! One of our favorite things to do is the meal at Chef Mickey’s (character meal). You need to make a PS for this as soon as you know which day/time you want to go. The restaurant is at the Contemporary Resort.


PS=Priority Seating. It’s basically a reservation, but WDW will tell you it’s NOT a reservation (but it’s a reservation).

Disneyfever is saying what many of us will agree with, Chef Mickey’s is a don’t miss!


Welcome to DC!

All great advice, especially if you just buy one book make the Unofficial Guide.

Also, don’t forget for discounts, tips, and good advice.


We love Chef Mickey’s–it’s a must do for us every trip.

Summer is always busy at WDW and if you plan to have any sit down meals you might think about making a few Priority Seating arrangements. We like to plan one PS every day so we know we can have a good meal and recharge a little. I hate to waste good park time waiting 90+ minutes for a table. With a PS you get your name moved to the top of the list once you check in.

You got good advice from caver about looking over allears. Deb has all the menus on her site, you can look through and pick places you want to try. This will even save you time looking for a counter service restaurant because you already know about the restaurant and can make a faster decision.

Planning is half the fun!!


oh I forgot to welcome you to the dc! woo hoo from baloo! you will have a lot of fun here!


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It looks like most of your questions have already been answered, but I just wanted to say something about PC. I stayed there with my family in November for the first time and we all thought it was great!! We had 4 in a room and it was very manageable, in our opinion. The theming in every building is wonderful - it’s fun just to walk around and look at everything. Look for the lifesize Mr & Mrs Potato Head and the Twister games around the 70’s building. Lots of fun! You’ll love it! :slight_smile:


I can’t add anything but welcome!!! (and that The Unofficial Guide will be the best money you’ve ever spent)!


Welcome to DC!!


Welcome to the addiction that is DC :slight_smile:


Welcome to DC! Most likely, any question you have, someone has the answer. Ask away, don’t be shy!!

As others have stated, The Unofficial Guide to WDW is a great source of information. The Passporter is also another great resource. I read both and use the Passporter for our trip. It has worksheets, pockets, etc.

Also, if you have any idea of where you are going to have some fun or special meals within the World, you should make your PS’ right away. June can be a busy month since everyone is either getting out of school or are out already.

Last, have fun planning!!!


hey, i just got back from disneyland.
its smaller than wdw but they have alot of the same things like the pin trading. its alot of fun. But make sure u have alot of pins. there pretty pricy though, but there worth it. theres alot of cool ones. BUt have fun. :mickey: