Someone came into the store today


…and went “hey, I saw your disney mug! I’m a huge disney fan, we go ONCE A YEAR cause we have DVC…other people don’t get the magic!”

:laugh::heart: Love it.

Not only that but Disneyworld was brought up about 5 times today between me and customers. (I brought it up 3 times, others, like above, brought it up without me.)

So besides the headache and other icky stuff goin on, it was a good day today.

Oh ps, if you’re the lady that came into the art store and you talked to me…will you adopt me? I don’t eat much! :laugh:


Don’t ya love it?

A couple of days ago I stopped at a produce stand and the two ladies working there noticed my Mickey antenna topper and my license plate holder. We had a short chat about how magical Disney can be.