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We are going to open an account so we can have an ATM card on our visit to WDW, our bank doesn’t change a fee, however, I’ve heard there could be a fee at each machine.

Does anyone know if there is a fee to use an ATM card in WDW, and if so, what is it?
Thanks, Lynn


Yes, there is a fee for the ATMs at WDW. I want to say it’s $2.50 per transaction. You should get a check card with the Visa logo and use it as a credit card to avoid the fees. All banks offer them now instead of or in addition to a regular ATM card. I would also suggest having either travelers checks or cash set aside for each day.


Thanks Dana, I really appreciate your help. When I saw that you were logged on, I knew you would come to my rescue. Thanks again. Lynn


It’s always my plesasure to help Lynn.:heart:


I think Chase is one of their ATM providers. Unless you get a Chase card, or a bank that refunds some of your fees, you are more or less at the mercy of the ATM (Always Taking Money). There are a few banks/credit unions that still refund up to $10 per month with outside fees.


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I don’t know if this is of any help, but if on your visit to WDW you are staying in one of the Disney Resorts (excluding Dolphin & Swan), then you can ask for your door key card to act as a Disney Visa Card or as they like to call it “Your Key to the world”, for the duration of your visit.

Basically this means that you don’t have to carry any cash around with you (very useful in the water parks) and also allows you to buy almost anything in the parks and everything will be charged back to your room, then when you check out you just use a standard credit/visa card to square up! No Charges, No Hastle!

Oh by the way, it’s very easy to get carried away spending with all the cool Disney stuff available, so just set yourself a limit each day!

Hope some of this helps,

Enjoy your trip…“Happy Spending”


We usually have the resort were staying at setup our room card for charging and as already said it makes it so much easier
You do have to watch your spending though