Someone Please help me?


We are looking at going to MK on Feb 10th. Looking at the calendar on WDW site. It says the park is open from 8 am 11 pm? But it also says that this is EMH day. So is the park really open until 11 pm? Or is the park open till 8 pm with EMH going till 11 pm? Not sure if someone could help me I would really appreciate it.



I believe you still get the EMH… and that the regular park hours are listed… right guys? :mickey:


Since we are not staying at a WDW resort we wouldn’t get the EMH, I am really confused.


I think you are correct Emerson613.

The calendar shows the parks normal hours and EMH is in addition to those hours posted.


Since you are staying offsite you will have to leave the park at 11PM when the park closes to the general public


Thanks, so does this mean that this park has Morning EMH, because I can’t see the park being open until 2 am? Or would it only be open for 1 hour


I just looked at it is definitely an evening EMH. But i am not sure how late that means the park will be open, it says on the DW website that they will be open up to 3 hours late.


The park is open until 11 for all guests. The park is open from 11 PM-2 AM for Disney hotel guests with wristbands only.

Perfect example: On Dec 30, MK was open until 1 AM and there was a late EMH. MK was open until 4. Also, MK opened on the 31 at 8 AM and there was also a morning EMH. so MK opened for hotel guests at 7 AM. What this means, among other things, it that MK buses and monorails never stopped running that night as they run up to two hours after close and one hour before open and MK never really did close all the way.
And I have been in the Magic Kingdom as late as 3 AM myself. On nights they’ve closed at 1 and 2, I’ve closed the park.


Thanks Soundgod. Hey Do you think that this would be a good day for us to go, or would you avoid EMH altogether?


I’d go to other parks during the day and head for MK around 8 or so. There are probably 2 Spectromagic parades and Fireworks is either 9 or 10. After 11, the amount of people waiting for rides drops fast and you’ll get a lot of riding done between midnight and 2.
Now, if it were me, I’d probably catch Fantasmic or Illuminations first and then head for the MK after.


We are not staying at WDW, we have to bring our pooches so we rented a house. That is why I am asking if we should avoid the EMH


If you’re not a WDW guest, EMH has nothing to do with you at all. If your question is do you avoid the EMH park at night, no. If your question is do you avoid the morning EMH park, yes, at least until around dinner or late afternoon.


Ok so you think the crowd levels will be ok, because we have the opportunity to go to MK on Saturday the 9th instead. So that is why I am asking. It is so hard which day to pick regarding crowds.


The hours posted are the regular hours. EMH will then keep the park open until @2 a.m.