Someone please sell me on this idea


The kids want to go to Universal after christmas. I gave it much thought and after calling all day yesterday I am able to get a package for 1adult and 3 kids to Universal including a 7 day ticket and staying at best western for $700. I was going to ask my DH for Ap’s for christmas and get the kids some too and just go back to Disney but they really want to go to US… Please please please… Sell me the idea… Im not sure if we would like it… Someone please tell me what its like… :heart:


Uh I cant help you because I am not a US lover and well 7 days is way too long I would go for only two ( you could manage both parks in one day but thats just my opinion ) .


can you even go swimming in Fl in Dec?? I was thinking 2 days for the US parks and perhaps 1 day for SW and them perhaps hit Disney up for a few days…


I went to US a few years ago and thought it was okay. I also did City Walk and that was really nice but it seems, in my opinion, geared more for adults. Being the huge Disney fan that I am, I would have to stick with WDW. Seven days at the mouse house makes much more sense to me.


same here seven days is better for the mouse …

It depends sometimes you can swim in December sometimes not …


My older kids outgrew Disney a few years back. Not that they don’t still love the idea of Disney, but they were a little sick of the sweetness and characters and wanted something different. They love, love, LOVE Universal and would much prefer to go there now. And I have to admit, I really like to add a couple of Universal days to any trip to FL myself. I am a big fan of the Universal Parks now too.

Don’t sell Universal short because you’re a Disney fan. They are not mutually exclusive things. Go, take your kids, and give it a fair try. They have some excellent theming and state of the art rides there. Their City Walk is excellent with some outstanding restaurants there too. We have seen several celebrities while in Uni. They are not Disney’s number one competitor without good reason.


I agree on you taking a shot with it. You should go there with an open mind and not expect it to be Disney casue it’s not WDW…I think that’s why many WDW fans fail to get the US concept …they are to busy comparing the two.

My situation is a tad different. …I can only do one trip a year and I just haven’t convinced myself that I would rather try US over going back to WDW…I am a creature of habit. What can I say? That being said, I think maybe in a few years or so I may be open to the idea…right now it’s just not someting that I am interested in.


We looked into US for the Brownie troop . . . most of the girls are ages 7-9, feedback I got was negative . . . UNLESS, your kids like really big coasters and speed! Which mine will not do!

But by your TR I see yours are a little more adventurous!

I was also told it seems to be an older crowd, since the booze flows freely and there are lots of venues for food and drink!

IMHO . . . book and stay in WDW and then do a day or two trip to US.

In the end we did SeaWorld with the brownies . . . and even that was blah!

DANA is sooooo right when she says nothing compares to Disney! :happy:


If your kids really want to go, why not give it a try? I have been to US a bunch of times and really liked it! I haven’t been there in about 6 years, but we MIGHT be added it to our next trip. There is a special right now for $80 per person, 7 days admission to both parks. Sounds like a decent deal…not like we’d go for 7 days, but it’s nice to have the option. :laugh:

GIVE IT A TRY! You can always go back to WDW next trip. Or if you NEED some Pixie Dust while you’re there, schedule one WDW park day or a DTD day.


We did it once- it was just ok- there was a long walk around the park to go from place to place, the rides were really either geared for really small or quite older and the kids in the middle had little in between- also the bigger coasters seemed to be at Islands of adventure and that was a whole other cost at the time. It just was not worth it! Who knows what I wuold think if the kids were older- Im disney through and through… I just love it and its more about the entire deal and less about each ride


I think you should give it a shot. Personally, I have never been to Universal Orlando but I added US Hollywood to a Southern California trip and was really pleasantly surprised. It’s a very different experience from Disney, but if you are the kind of person that enjoys rides, shows, and the whole theme park experience, it can be really enjoyable. (We actually only planned one day at US Hollywood, but ended up adding a second day because we had so much fun!)

I think that 7 days is too long to spend at Universal, but I also think that spending only a couple days at Disney would be torture. :pinch: I don’t think I could ever go from Universal to Disney and/or back again. It would have to be separate trips for me. Perhaps you could plan other Orlando-area activities in addition to US if you plan to stay for a week?


Thanks all. I think we may do it and add Disney to the mix…


US is alot of fun! altho not disney both parks are very fun and have great themes around the park!!! We have spent a couple of days, I do not know about spending 7! My DH and kids love US but like I said there is no love for anything like Disney for us!! We are going to US this trip and got a really good deal!! You should definitely try it!!IMHO!!:happy:


I would definitely add Disney to the mix. 7 days is way to long to be at US. You will enjoy it though. I would spend 2 days at US, you may even want to try Seaworld. There are a couple of coasters at Seaworld as well. We love Seaworld but some don’t. You could have dinner with Shamu. Really neat experience!


December in FL is funny. You may have temps. in the high 70’s one day and then down to the 50’s the next. However, all the pools are heated and if you have a nice day, you can definitely go swimming.

I agree with those who said mix it up, why not try to do both.


The only problem with adding Disney for a couple of days is the expense. Unless you have AP’s, going to WDW for just a couple of days isn’t very cost effective. You can get Universal passes online that cost under $100 for 7 days. Just a basic 2 day Disney pass is at least $150.


I have to agree- 7 days is too long for US/IoA. We like US/IoA, and could spend two full days there.


My family loves both Disney and Universal. I can’t imagine a trip to Orlando without a few nights at Universal. We enjoy both places for what they have to offer and don’t like to compare the two. Some years we like Disney better and some years we like Universal better. for us, it depends on the crowds. When it is too crowded, the experience is not as enjoyable. Since we go at Christmas, we expect the crowds and make the best of it.

If you can swing it, you should consider staying onsite at Universal for a few nights so that you get the Front of the Line privilege. That way, the crowds are not as bad. You can walk back to the hotel in the middle of the day, rest, and swim. The pools are heated, so even if it is a little cool, you can swim. I can’t remember a December trip when the kids did not swim.

For us, the Universal part of our trip is MUCH more relaxing. When we are at Disney, we hit the parks first thing in the morning at rope drop, take an afternoon break at lunch, and then stay until the parks close. Because we stay onsite at Universal, we have the FOTL privileges which allows us to sleep in if we want, spend more time at the pool, shopping ,etc.

I hope you will give Universal a try–especially if you like coaters. It is a lot of fun for my entire family.