Something I have not done


in a very long time is enjoy a ride on the steamboat at MK. I am gonna do that this trip. Also gonna try to find the paintbrushes on TS Island. What time does the Island open??


I havent done the steamboat ever and every trip i swear im going to. This is a dumb question but whats TS?


I was going to ask the same exact question?


TS=Tom Sawyer (Island)


The steam boat!! We need to do it this trip. I don’t think my kids have ever rode on it.


I haven’t done the Steamboat since I was 6. We always rush right by it. I really want to do it next time.

We usually do TSI and once we found the paintbrush! Lots of people say you need to go first thing in the a.m. but we found it around 3 in the afternoon! We won a free fastpass (for our group) to Splash or BTMRR. It was awesome!


Where is TS island? What is a paintbrush? I’m sorry I have no idea.


Wow,it’s been hidden real good from you,huh?


We did this last time we were there (2007) but we didn’t look for the paintbrush. DH got bored on the island and we were hot and hungry. :laugh:


I have nothing to contribute, but I just wanted to say that as vertically challenged person myself, that I love your avatar!


The entrance to TS island is pretty close to the entrance and exit of BTMRR. You ride on little raft boats over there and they have some neat caves, a barrel bridge and a fort over there. The paint brush is supposedly the paint brush that Tom and Huck use to paint all the signs around the island. (there are lots of signs all painted in off white paint written by Tom and Huck). The paint brush is lying somewhere around the island. The first people to find it get a free fastpass to SM or BTMRR. When we found it it was right off the path after getting off the barrel bridge in the woods. It was visible but only bc we were looking for it. The CM’s told us they had a lot of families come up and hand them the brush and say “I think the painters dropped this” or something like that. We look for it every time when we are there but just casually. We’ve only found it once.


Awww ty Philliesfan. I am 5’2.

Now back to the TSI, I have never done the paintbrush thing but they say if you find them then you can get a free fast pass.


[QUOTE=babets;953745]Awww ty Philliesfan. I am 5’2.

Now back to the TSI, I have never done the paintbrush thing but they say if you find them then you can get a free fast pass.[/QUOTE]

It’s true…read my posts above:laugh:


We have also said we would do the steam boat but it seems we always miss doing it. Next trip we plan a longer trip and go at a slower pace so there is a good chance we will get to ride


That is what we are planning keljen. But it seems when we get there we always get excited and forget about the steamboat.


really? We always make a point of riding the steamboat at least once during our trip. It’s kinda something we can’t miss out. There is just something about it. Enjoy catching up with it again :happy:


We had never done the steamboat and were excited to do so, but it was down for refurb when we were there last year. Gotta do it this year!