Something is wrong with my post counter


My post counter keeps saying that I only have 184 posts, (Now taht I have written this I am sure this post will be numbered 185!!! LOL!!!) but I notice that it did this before on #182 for about 3 posts. Can anyone help? Has this happened to you?


See !!! Post #185!!!


Were you posting in chit-chat? All posts in chit-chat do not count towards your total posts! :smile:


Twist is exactly right. If you are posting in chit chat, it does not count toward your post count.
I think I would have about 20,000 post if it did…lolol


Thank you Twist and Dana, you are right, I was posting in chit chat!!! Is that why it says last post was “Never”!!! I am still getting a hang of all of this, thanks to you guys, it gets easier each day!!!


Yes, and they also don’t count in the Test Forum or the Games and Trivia Forum!

Don’t worry…it trips everyone up!!! :c)


That darn no post count rule in Chit Chat… Now look what it’s done… It’s startin’ to confuse the Newbies… What a horrible thing… :eek:


Yes, tis a horrible thing indeed! :pirate:

aarrgghhh ! :pirate:


It’s okay.

I like the little quirks this system has.
They’re kinda neat.


I remember when that rule was made up! Everyone’s posts dropped DRAMATICALLY one day and everyone was like, “What the…?” It was funny. Dana, I am sure you remember that, right?? :wink: