Something that has to be said


That never needs to be said.

I don’t care how grown up you are, when you’re at disney world “fantasy is real, and reality is fantastic”… That goes for everything that happens.
Two of the worst comments I hear from adults, especially those with children is “how long does it take for mickey to change?” or “he’ll be right back, he went to the potty.”

We tell you mickey went for a "cheese break for a reason, you don’t need to say anything different about where mickey went. We will be more than happy to explain to the little ones that mice like cheese… not that he went to the potty. Like the saying goes “one mouse, one world”. That’s all there is to it.


Hmmm, I never really thought about it before. I probably could have said he went to the potty. Don’t mice have to pee, too? :laugh:
Honestly I have not waited in a character line with my son, but if I do I’ll remember what to say.


That was my thought. I just don’t see anything wrong with saying that Mickey had to go potty. :laugh: Seems reasonable to me! Doesn’t disrupt the fantasy any more than saying he’s getting some cheese.

Actually… the cheese thing jars me a bit! After all, Mickey is a Mouse, but a Very Special Mouse. A Mouse of Many Talents. After all, he’s had many careers, and is accomplished in any number of areas. To even bring up cheese reduces him to “just a mouse”, somehow… huh… :huh:


LOL, the potty thing works because little kids can relate to that. It doens’t need any more explination, no having to explain if he weats something else, or how he eats if his mouth doesn’t open…none of that, heehee.

I once heard someone at DL tell their kids that the princesses “had a hot date” when they had to leave the M&G area. Had my DD been older that would have opened a can of worms, lol.



I’d probably tell my DS that she had to check her email! :laugh:


I always told DD that he needed a break…never said what kind of break.


I tell my son that the characters need to go inside to get a drink of water and cool off, because it is usually pretty hot when we go. He has never “lost the magic” as a result. I am certain that I have used the potty excuse as well. My sister had a mouse once who incidentally used the potty, but never ate cheese. BTW, what qualifies you as an expert in what adults should tell their children? And this thread was started for what reason?


I just reread this original post…I didn’t quite get it at first and thought we were listing what we tell our children where mickey or whoever went. See, I have a problem with your tone here. I can tell my child whatever I want to…he is on a break or he went potty is something that a child can relate to as said in the above posts. Last time I checked, most animals and people had to go to the bathroom eventually. It’s not like someone said mickey is out back having a beer or something innapropriate like that. The whole eating cheese thing…yeah that’s pretty ridiculous. This thread is obviously a FLAME…sorry I didn’t read the entire thing before I responded. Seems to be a rash around here…what’s with all the negativity?? Again, just so we are clear, telling your child that mickey needs a break is perfectly acceptable…telling him that mickey needs a cheese break is a bit weird if you ask me. I have never heard a CM say that…not once. I have heard them say he needs to get a drink of water…or he’s hot and needs a small break, but NEVER have I heard this cheese bit.


This really doesnt apply to be because I have be luckly enough not to have to wait for a character but if I did my kids would think that I needed to check into the funny farm if I told them that Mickey had to take a cheese break!!!


Im not really understanding what the OP is saying here…

Yes, we are in a fantasy world while in a Disney park, but it’s OUR fantasy world…potty, cheese, water…what’s the difference??? It’s whatever we choose to tell our children.

As long as a parent does state too all the other children around them that Mickey needs to take off his costume and go for a smoke break and a beer…what the big deal???


Oh! I just wondered if this rule qualified for JoJo, because we totally told Caisley she took a potty break, while we were waiting for her.

As DaisyD (who is a mom) said, it’s something a young child can relate to. She was fine with the fact that Jojo was at the potty, as going to the potty is very exciting to a 2 and a half year old. If you don’t believe me, come over. IT’s a very big deal!

But, maybe I’m not a rule breaker. Maybe it is only a Bad Thing to tell your kids Mickey went to the crapper, and I’ve never said that! Hahaha!


LOL! “Mickey went to the crapper”. Classic.

Erin, you sound like you’ve been hanging out with me too much.

When I was at Epcot, they said that they had to go have a snack.


I don’t think it really matters what I tell my son. Usually we just say so and so needed a break, it’s hot and they have been out here for a long time and need to cool off and relax for a few minutes. I can’t imagine trying to come up with something for EVERY character. In fact, last summer when we were looking for Daisy a CM told us she was out shopping–it worked for my DS. In the end it doesn’t really matter, I know my DS and I know what works for him.


Well, with all that cheese Mickey is consuming it’s a wonder he can even go to the bathroom at all!:blow:


:laugh: You’ve said it now, lol :laugh: I have tears running down my face I am laughing so hard. Sorry, it must be the 12 year old in me…


ok yeah this thread is going to get a bit weird now…lol

Children have to be told something that they personally can relate to. Children get potty break only becaue they know that mickey needs to go elsewhere to do that. mickey can eat anywhere and they don’t understand why they can’t just get their turn if he only needs to grab a bite to eat…kids eat anywhere…why can’t mickey?? At least with potty break they know that mickey can’t just do it there (or at least we pray he doesn’t) and he has to be gone for a bit to do it. You can even say that he’s hot and has to cool off or he’s sweaty and wants to change his shirt…something they “get”. And once again, as long as it’s not inappropriate, who the heck cares what you tell your kid he’s doing?


LOL, That’s something MATT would say…he would totally approve of my last post.

Y’all must have the same type of humor! :ninja: :laugh:


ROFL!! :laugh:


I don’t know when and how, but I somehow knew Mickey was just a dude in a suit…but I was still always thrilled to see him. I remember when I was…7 or so? …I wrote him a letter that said something along the lines of “its okay that you’re a person in a suit, i won’t tell the other kids or anything”

Yeah, I was a nerd.

But Mickey still gave me a hug! :wub:


My son says the characters are “wearing their costumes” and he is only 4. I wonder who he thinks are in those costumes, though - I don’t have the heart to ask him.:crying: I just act like I have no idea what he is talking about when he says that…he’s too darn smart for his own good. He still is totally in love with any and all characters so it’s not a big deal. He even asked me how Santa can get down the chimney and why he can’t see him when he comes over. He feels that Santa should stop by his room and say “hey”, I guess.:laugh: