Something to look foward to for Halloween!


Disneyland is currently planning to do a Halloween themed Space Mountain called “Ghost Galaxy.” Along with that, there is supposed to a New Halloween themed firework show to go along with that. The promotional time will be from September 25th-November 1st.

I can’t wait!!! It looks like it will be awesome!!!


Yup, the Space Mountain Halloween Overlay idea is being taken from the Hong Kong Disneyland Overlay that is used on their Space Mountain during the Halloween Season and the Halloween Fireworks Idea is being taken from the obvious Halloween themed fireworks that are used at the Magic Kingdom over at WDW. It will be a very interesting and busy Halloween Season. Disneyland was filming the new 2009 Promotional Commercial for Halloween Time on Main Street when I was there last week, it seemed very weird seeing a part of Main Street all decked out for Halloween in July…and my dumb self didnt get any pictures of it either…DOH!


Was this after the 14th? :pirate:

'cause I don’t remember seeing Halloween decorations that day… :huh:


Ooh this sounds cool! DLR is amazing at Halloween…I wish we could go this year!


[QUOTE=Experiment6-2-6;978339]Was this after the 14th? :pirate:

'cause I don’t remember seeing Halloween decorations that day… :huh:[/QUOTE]

Yea, they went up on Wednesday, so you just missed it! They had the Photoshop corner all done up, the lamp post decor, bunting on the buildings, jack-o-lanters on the buildings, etc and a filming notice.


OH wow, that sounds awesome!! I always wanted to see the ‘Haunted Holiday’ SOOOO bad but traveling to Disneyland in Fall for me is just near impossible. :sad: The Space Mountain thing sounds so cool though!


wish i could go to dl/wdw


We always go to DL in mid October! We love the Halloween feel. I must say that I am tired of the Nightmare before Christmas overlay at the Haunted Mansion.


VERY jealous!


this will sound dumb, but i forgot that DLR would be decked out for Halloween when i booked our mid-October trip…yay! something to look forward to for sure–this will be my first time during Halloween and first time to DLR for my 3 girlfriends who are coming with me


Really? I kind of like it. I will admit, I would not like it much if took over all season, but especially during Christmas time, it is something to enjoy. Each season my sister and I always see at least a few new decorations to keep the magic alive.


How exciting!!! You actually came on a good year, because Disneyland officials decided to expand the Halloween magic. I hope you have a good time.