Song of the South may be released


There is a strong rumor that SOS will finally be released again in the US. I have heard this from a Disney store manager and she has been correct on most of the rumors that come about. Even though they are not CM’s they still get quite a bit of info from Disney. I look forward to this release and finally being able to get a “legal” copy of the movie. :angel:


Yes, it’s SAD that most of us have had to resort to “copies” off ebay… :nonono2:


I’ve been hearing from multiple sources that Bob Iger told share holders just this month that SotS would not be released in the U.S.


Well I sure hope your DS informant is right…


I seriousle don’t get the problem with SotS not being released here in the US!!!


Same here. I listened to a podcast of his speech last week or so, and he said it was not going to be released.


Darn if I can think of the name of it this minute, but I saw a trailer for a new film that was made all the Brer Rabbit cartoons from SotS. Perhaps this is the movie the store manager was talking about.


Wait. Found it:
The Adventures of Brer Rabbit (2006)


Cheap Knock off! Its so discouraging.

Enjoy your “copies” its all you are going to get.


I’m thinking that this is the one they are referring to! It’s NOT the Disney version! :sad:


Oh yeah. You got that right.


Yea, I saw a commercial for this OTHER Brer Rabbit on TV the other day. I hope it’s a HUGE success. Maybe that’ll convince those idiots at Disney that are keeping Song of the South locked up and away from us… JERKS! :angry: :mad: :angry: :mad:


Actually it might be good. Not a “knock-off,” as it’s not like Disney created the characters, just another version of the stories. And it’s got Wanda Sykes!! :wub:



I hope it is GREAT! Maybe a little competetition will make Disney come to their senses…


I hate living in a politically correct world…everyone is trying to cover themselves no matter what the sacrifices…if Song of the South can’t be released…well how come Gone with the Wind and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn can? It just doesn’t make sense…believe me, I love all of the above mentioned and dont understand why there is censorship for something that is innocent…let alone DISNEY innocent! I mean, one can find more damaging details on an episode of ALL IN THE FAMILY…come on now!


Er… except All in the Family wasn’t exactly holding up Archie Bunker as a role model.



Uuuugggggghhhhhh… :nonono2:


We’ve discussed this ad naseum, but…

Political Correctness aside, I can only think of two Disney films that contain material that may legitimately offend some people. I think Disney could re-edit and release SotS, but I can’t fault them for seeking to keep the lid on the controversy. Afterall, those shouting for its release are few and unlikely to boycott Disney. Counter that with the potential outcry from the African American community, and I’d say Disney has chosen the safer option.