Song of the south


lets have some fun …lets see if there is a true reason why disney will not realease this movie …but it was released from what i understand in the UK
,why is disney so sensitive ti its release here in america…when i was a kid it was one my favorites


It was one of my fav’s too…but that was YEARS ago, and I saw it thru a child’s eyes…I’ve read numerous articles that it will never be released here…
You’re from Del Mar? I was raised in La Jolla…and spent many-a-day at Del Mar and Solana Beaches! I was just out there in May, and ate and drank WAY to much at Fish Market. (Sorry for the aside…that has nothing to do with Disney.)


my heart is in del mar …the track so I know of the fish market very well…good stuff …I live due east of del mar with out getting specific…if you want do a search for song of the south and I believe you will be surprised at what you find …I watched it recently and still cannot get my arms around why disney is sensitive to its release…maybe I am wrong but if you can release it in UK and I have heard canada…then ???..maybe the same reason dixie landings was changed to POR…


I bought the DVD on ebay and watched it. I agree…I don’t understand the sensitivity issue. I know Disney is probably going out of their way to not offend anyone. They have to fight negative publicity from so many fronts that they don’t want to knowingly give any ammunition. I just enjoyed the movie as a very clean, pure family musical.


One of our favorite songs to sing on long family car trips was “Zippidee Doo Dah”…I think I can still come up with all the words…
Our communal sense of political correct-ness is a bit imbalanced.


yep it was released in the UK in the '80s or early 90s.
my kids love it, i love it:heart:

history is history! the thing we should do is move on and not hide it. for the most part I can not recall anything to disgustingly evil in the film (but I’m white and may of missed somethings that would deeply offend people)

but if Disney are ashamed of it why do they have splash mountain ride?


never even heard of it :slight_smile: Sounds good!


it is on the net …if you are looking…but I have black friends who love the movie…you know we are all free people if you don’t like it don’t watch it. …but like I said in another post POR used to be called dixie landings and I have heard many reasons for the change …disney sometimes is to sensitive…