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We are planning on going down next month, checking out SSR, and more than likely, going to take the plunge. I do have a question though. It’s more of a curiousity. For all the members that have points in DVC, when did you buy your points, and what was the per point cost at that time. I am just looking at what waiting a few years willl cost me. Thanks


I don’t have your answers, but I wanted to welcome you to MB. I came here a long time ago with a couple of simple questions like yours, and I found the people here to be so friendly and knowlegable, I stayed around. I hope you’ll give us a chance!


Welcome! You won’t regret DVC!!! We bought in to DVC in 2003 at about $80 a point & love it! Bought 150…wish we would have bought 200 tho.


We bought twice over the past 4 years or so. We actually paid between $78 and $81 a point after all was said and done with any incentives that they had. I think it is now up to $101 with a $8 per point incentive for a total of $93?

My advice, if you are sure this is good for you, is don’t wait. We waited and looked for three years and watched the price just climb!:mickey:


We bought in 160 points in Septemebr 2005. The $ per point was $98.00 but the incentive made it $90.00 per point. We just bought a 50 point add-on for $98.00 a point before the prices went up to $101.00 on 7/1/06.


Welcome to Mb. Don;t make the same mistake we did. We bought 200 the first time around and after a couple of years needed to add on. If you take the plunge - jump in the deep end!


Welcome to MouseBuzz! We bought our first points in 2000, and as I remember, they cost $78.00 per point. Happily, we paid off our loan on those points last summer. We just bought some more this Spring at $99.00 per point, when we sold some property. We’ve never regretted our purchase. We’re heading down on Sept. 2 for a 12 day stay - 7 days in a 2 bedroom villa at OKW, and then moving into a 1 bedroom villa for 5 days. Where else at WDW could you stay in such fantastic accomodations for 12 days, without it costing you your first-born child - and possibly an arm and a leg.


Welcome to MB! We bought in March of this year. The points were $98 a point and we bought the minimum of 150. But we got them through some incentive offer at $90 a point. We too were going to look in 2003 when they were $78 a point, but decided to wait. That was such a missed opportunity! My advice, don’t wait, if this is something you really want , take the plunge now!


We just bought in June and ours is $101 a point we bought the minimum 150 pts for now and will prob add on in the years to come. If you are thinking about doing this I wouldnt wait cause the points are going to go up as the years go on. I was a little upset that we didnt do it 3 years ago when we 1st thought about it.
Also when you are talking with a DVC CM ask them about closing costs. We didnt pay closing cost and I know that others before us didnt either but the last time that I talked with out DVC CM he said that as of July 10th(I think was the date) You have to pay closing costs. I dont know how much that is but I cant see that being alot.


Did you take the plunge?


What do you mean you will have to pay the closing costs? I thought if you purchased them through Disney you did not have to pay them, are they changing this?


Yup Disney changed their policy for legal reason they have to charge closing costs. It started back in the middle of July. I have a friend who is thinking about joining and when then called to get prices etc the closng cost on 150 pts was something like $203.00 and you have to pay for that up front when you give them your deposit. I guess that not too bad of a price for closing costs.


we paid 90 per point in 10/2005 (with incentives and all that stuff)


What’s incentives? Is that a part of the negotiations, or do they just offer it to you? and, was it only offered during a certain time?

Also, it seems like the majority who bought, started out with the minimum of 150 points, and wished they purchased more. What approximatelty would you get for 150 points?


I don’t own DVC, but I found a point chart for you.

DVC Point Chart, Disney Vacation Club Points

Every resort has different point values per night, per season. The dates are clearly defined on the charts in the link above.


We bought 160 Points in April of 2005. I think we paid around $90 per point. We havent been on a vacation with the points yet but we have one planned for a week in April with 8 people, we are staying in a 2 bedroom suite at SSR. It cost us almost 2 years worth of points. But well worth it. Sometime in the future we plan to add more points.


We finally took the plunge. We looked into it in 2000 and decided it wasn’t in the financial cards then and boy have we regretted it. every day since then. We just bought 150 points (only 2 of us) last week and the closing costs were $210 and the incentive was $10 per point towards the down payment.


How much did you end up paying per point?



We made our initial purchase of 200 points in 2002 and paid $70 per point after incentives. We’ve done three add ons since then. In 2003 we paid $74, in 2004 I believe it was $84, and this year we paid $93. So as you can see it goes up frequently. If they do build the villas at the Contemporary, it’s my guess that points will be around $110 when first offered.:blow:


$101 per point but the incentive was to give us $10 per point for the down payment so I guess it comes out to $91 per point.

I lied about the $210 closing costs…it was actually $201.