Soooo close


Less than 24 hours away!!!


Have a great trip!


The longest 24 hours of the whole process!

Have so much fun!


Did you pack yet? :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Have a great trip, time will drag and then you are there. Hope to see some pics.


Have a magical time and enjoy! 13 days for us and I am starting to lose concentration at work…this is not good!!!


Have a magical trip!!


You will have an awesome time, we just got back.:cheshire:


Hahaha…i started to pack and my other half called and wanted me to go to the mall. Since I won’t see him for 7 days I figured I’d go lol


Have a great trip!


14 days for me. All I can hear at work is bla, bla,


That is so cool. I can only imagine your excitement.


Hope you are having a great time. We are right behind you with only 3 days to go!!!