Sooooo Bummed


We took our Disney trip over last weekend. Just regular old Disney. Well we have friends that live in Orlando, have APs and one friend posted pics today of their trip to Disney this weekend. And MK was decked out for Halloween!! I’m so bummed, missed decorations by one weekend. Df felt soooo bad for me. We’re planning an Oct trip for next yr, so he promised we’d see it then. But still bummed I missed this yr.


We were there last weekend, too. I can’t believe we just missed Halloween decorations by a week! Is that why they had that crane over the Magic Kingdom last weekend? I was glad we’d taken our pictures the first few days!


Wow- it seems so early for Halloween decorations- I wouldn’t expect to see them in August!


I didn’t even think to ask, also didn’t expect them in August. Allison, FIL said the crane was actually putting lights on the castle for Christmas.


Wow! It definitely seems early for that, but I suppose it does take them awhile to get all of that done. Thanks for the info.


Awe, I totally get that. 2 years ago I missed the reopening of Splash Mountain ~ my FAVORITE ride ~ by one day. Sorry you missed your decorations.


It does seem too early, but the first night of MNSSHP is 9/5, this coming Friday night. This year has gone by too fast and now with the holidays coming, 2010 will be here before we know it. Holiday decorations always seem to come earlier and earlier each year!!


Aw. I am bummed for you.


Oh that does stink. I would be bummed too.