Sooooo Excited! Maybe?


I just came across some new discount codes for my trip. I booked my trip in april & paid for it in August. A few weeks later a discount code came out. Called my TA & got a refund check for $480.00. I thought it would’ve been more but because of certain black out dates I only got the discount on certain days of my stay. Now the new code would have gotten me a bigger discount of about $1,150.00. She’s going to try to revise my discount over the next day or so and “hopefully” she can get the discount to work. Please pray for me. :frown:


Wow I hope it works out for you. Hopefully they are good and can work something out.


Wow that is really great. That is a big savings. Pixie dust and Prayers.


Wow that’s great news…hopefully your TA will be able to apply the new code? Which one did you use? I’ve been trying and trying to use the fall discount code and there hasn’t been any availability at the Poly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a room-only will come out for my Pop stay.


SSN- I forget the code I first used. Whatever code was for the Oct-Dec Fall discount room only. This new discount is called Oct discount code MXK for check in dates of 9/28/08 to 10/11/08. The Polynesian is listed for gardenview rooms at $285.00 a night. Sounds like alot but it’s way better than $400 a night…Just talked to my travel agent. She’s trying the code I gave her & will let me know. She said you have to keep messing around with it & just pray Disney lets it go through. I saw the discounts on, &…there are a bunch of other codes as well.


Maybe you’re TA can work a miracle for you…Good Luck. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. There hasn’t been avail at the Poly for the fall discount code and the other code isn’t in my travel dates. I was just wondering if there was another code that I wasn’t aware of. That’s great news for you - it’s very exciting to get a deal on the rooms! Good luck!


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. That would be great to save that much $$$!!


SSN- what are your travel dates? I remember you talking about the dates when you were trying to decide between the Poly and/or POP but I forgot. Just wondering so I can keep my eye out for codes for you.


Good luck, I hope you can get the discount.


I’m still waiting! Got 2 voice mails to call my travel agent. Called her back twice and she is at the hospital for some emergency with her daughter. No one will tell me anything so I am stressfully awaiting her return call! I hope the discount codes work.:phone::crying:


WDW should let that code through. They may have to cancel and rebook it under the new code, but who cares as long as you save the money. Good for you keeping your eyes opened. Your TA should be doing that ,but who cares who does it as long as it gets done.


Great news that you found the discount and hopefully Disney will let you use the new one and save more. We never seem to have the luck when we go to find a discount and I bet it’s becouse we tend to travel mostly in December


She claims she gets codes constantly and checks every clients trip. I know she tried some codes she got before I even gave her the codes I came across. But I think once I picked up all my final paperwork and my trip was paid in full then she must’ve just closed my file. This time I called on a closed file so I wasn’t even sure if she’d help me out but she said she’d try. She said she can’t cancel the res & rebook because you could lose your resort all together because there’s only a limited number of rooms available. She doesn’t want to jeopardize our ressie so she tries to revise it.


Just got the DISAPPOINTING phone call from TA. She’s been on the phone directly with WDW for 2 days. They won’t allow the codes to apply to my resort reservation. My travel agent told them she will cancel and rebook and they said there’s no more rooms available at that promotion so if I rebook I’ll lose that initial discount of $480. I got and I will owe my TA $480.00 CAN YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT! With all the money WDW takes in they won’t budge. My TA said she’ll bug them one more time tommorrow and see if she can make them budge but it looks doubtful.


That’s not true. She would secure the new room under the new code and then cancel the other to apply a different discount code. Do not let her off that easy. Remind her that you have time to cancel and book it yourself which is easily done. She has to secure the new room under the new discount first and then cancel the other…closed file or not, you are still her client and her job isn’t done until you have left for WDW. Sorry, not trying to bash your agent, but it’s her job…you booked with her.


She said they keep telling her the Polynesian is not available for her to book me a stay during the dates I want. She said after all the calls she made to them getting nowhere she just tried to book me again and it kept saying no rooms are available. They only have a limited number of rooms available for this promo & they’re gone. Her arguement with them is to just give me the deal since I already have the room reservation. When I tried myself online, it advertises the Poly and my dates but when you try to book it , it states no room avail.