Soooooo long till our trip


I don’t think I have ever planned a trip this far in advance…or in advance when I booked it a couple months ago…

It’s just tooooooo long to wait…:crying:

I got the Disney experience packet in the mail yesterday, logged in and see we have 231 days till arrival…sigh… I may implode…

(But I did choose my band color---- :happy: )

I may have posted this in the wrong spot—but Chit Chat isn’t showing up in the new posts, and I don’t think too many people are seeing posts from there…just a thought…

While I am posting here—I did put up a special London/Harry Potter Studio tour in Chit Chat under “Just go back…How do I catch up…” I think it’s called—in case anyone else is interested. :slight_smile:


Yeah!-but that is a long time to go… Just stay busy, and try not to think about it… It will be here before you know it.


I think any activity in the main forums is welcome at this point.
But keeping this park related, I now have two bands. One in red and one in blue. From what I’ve been led to understand, you can activate and deactivate your different bands so you can change colors at will.

Oh, and we’ve renewed our APs, so they’re burning a hole in my pocket. We just can’t swing the gas, tolls, food, and lodging as often as I’d like. I know, we could get $40 a night rooms at some roach motel, but we prefer staying at Disney resorts for the convenience.

So what if you’ve got a bit less than 8 months to wait. Celebrate that you’ll be back inside WDW in less than 8 months.
That should be enough time for you to completely dial in all of your plans, plus you’ll be able to see the final version of the magic band program with almost all of the bugs and glitches removed.


Ahhh…good point SoundGod…hopefully all the bugs are sorted out by then!!!


I know the feeling and we’re right there with you. We usually plan a year out and book 9-11 months out. This year is no different, we booked about 10 months out. I have a few weeks before I can make ADRs and about a month until I can book our airfare.

Keep planning and the time will fly by.


I feel your pain… we are at 276 (I think)