Sorcerer's of Magic Kingdom


So this week while I was at WDW I spent a lot of time at MK just because of the Sorcerer’s of Magic Kingdom. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to continuing my quest in June when I return.

There are 70 spell cards that can be used to battle the Villains that are taking over the park. Each day you can get 5 spell cards per park ticket. So we were able to get 10 a day. By the time I left yesterday I was up to 30 of the 70 cards.

I had 7 duplicates but was able to trade with other park guests for cards I didn’t have and I left with 30 different cards.

Two downsides to the game…
1)The lines… they really started to build up as the day went along. And each person in line takes 3-5 minutes to complete that “portal” on the quest.

2)The story… so the game has multiple levels, easy, medium and hard (not sure if there are other levels above hard or not). But the storyline is exactly the same for each level. The Villains just get harder to beat.

But overall I really enjoyed this game and will definitely play again and continue to use the cards.

PS… one side note, you can hold up multiple spell cards to defeat the Villains. I only learned this from watching other people in the park doing it. There were some very serious players who had big binders with all of the cards placed into protector sheets that hold multiple cards per page. They would hold up the whole page of cards to defeat some of the villains. It seems to me that really only 2-3 cards work at a time though.


This sounds like lots of fun!


Great, another thing for Brandon to be addicted to. At least I’ll know where to come find you in July when I am too busy doing non-nerdball stuff in the MK. ;p


This sounds like a lot of fun. Where do you pick up the cards?


You get the cArds on main street in the car barn. My kids were doing it until 1 am lat night. It is wildly popular and another thing to stand in line for. Even at 1 am.


You can also pick the cards up from a booth in Liberty Square. Right by where Princess Tiana does meet and greets. That line is usually a lot shorter than the Main Street Firehouse Location.


Sounds like fun. We’ll have to try it in the Spring.


Saw a lot of people doing this, but hadn’t heard of it. It looked like a cool adventure!