Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Underway


Has anyone heard about the new interactive games that Disney is planning at the various parks & resorts that are on par with the “KimPossible” game at EPCOT?

Looks fun…

Disney at Work Blog: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Underway


This looks like a ton of fun! The Kim Possible Adventure at EPCOT is great. Anything interactive gets a thumbs up in my books! Hoping to be able to try (will be arriving Aug 25).


Looks like fun to me! My kids love the KP missions and when this arrives it will be a must do for us.


wow!! Looks exciting!!! I was a big fan of the Kim Possible game at Epcot so I’m sure I will love this too. Can’t wait to try it!

Thanks for posting! :happy:


That looks great. Our son loves doing the KP missions so I know he’ll be interested in this.