Sorry for the lack of updates!


Sorry all, I just returned from 8 days in the Kingdom. While there, I was able to eat at almost all of the restaurants that I have never visited before, including the new Jiko and Boma. We stayed in a three bedroom unit at Old Key West, and it was great. We made it to almost every pool accessible to us as DVC members. The Beach and Yacht Club pool is still head and shoulders above the rest.

As far as Disney World not being crowded, that was laughable. We arrived on the night of Friday, October 5th. We were in the parks early Saturday morning, and they were packed. The entire week, the lines to every major ride exceeded 45 minutes. Only on Saturday, October 13th did things calm down. We were at Disney-MGM Studios, and never waited on any rides. I was told the week before we were there that it was pretty empty as well. I did hear that there were three major conventions on property while we were there. (a computer symposium, an orthadontic and an undertaker, hey, that could make a good joke)!

I will be posting reviews on all of the restaurants that we visited today, as well as updating the review sites so that more are added this week.

Thanks all,