"Sorry Goofy he's just grouchy..." and other adventures


Hi all,
We went to WDW last week for three wonderful days. We were there from Monday March 3rd until Wednesday March 5th. We stayed at one of my favorite places - Port Orleans French Quarter. It was me, my DH and our 15 month old DS Gabe.

Part One:

On Monday DH said he was going to get up early and get DS up early so that we could tire him out and he would (hopefully) sleep for our whole car ride to WDW. We live 2.5 hours away from WDW so this sounded like a great plan.

It turns out we all got up early around 7:00 AM. DH went and got breakfast for us at Chick Fil A (love those chicken minis) and the I finished up our packing while DH loaded the car and DS did his usual - he ran around like a wild baby all morning. :wink:

Finally we were ready to leave the house around 10 AM. We stopped for gas on the way to the turnpike and we were ready to roll.


And? we are in suspence


Somehow I don’t think he looks all that exhausted… :biggrin:


About 15 minutes into our drive DS fell fast asleep, so far so good…and then after 30 minutes he woke up. :wacko: This would be his only nap all day. I’m sure you can imagine how this will play out later today by the title of the report. :whistling

So at about 1:00 we arrive at POFQ to check in. The lobby was empty and within 5 minutes we had our room keys and our room was already ready - what a great surprise! We were in room 4138 which was a perfect location for us - directly across from a fountain and huge lawn where DS could play and right next to the food court. The CM who checked us in said that POFQ was very slow this week - woo hoo!

After check in we headed to the food court for some lunch. DH and I shared the steak sandwich and DS had chicken nuggets and grapes. While we were waiting for DH to bring the food someone got my cell phone. :blink:


Here is another pic from the POFQ food court. DS loved staring at all the stuff hanging from the ceiling.


Very astute observation. :wink:


That’s why I get paid the big bucks… :happy:

Sorry to hear that you got to enjoy the benefits the rest of the day… :angel:


Oh to live so close to the mouse…

Can’t wait to here more of your trip.


After lunch DH was tired and decided he needed a quick nap…but DS was wired and ready to go. :ohmy: I took DS outside and he had a ball. He was fascinated by the fountain in front of our room and he loved running around on the huge lawn. We spent about 45 minutes outside and then went back in to check on DH.


Oh Gabe is so cute. I am enjoying your report and pictures. I can sympathize with the no car nap situation. Our DS does it to us EVERY time we drive the 4 hours to go visit my Mom. It isn’t so bad now that he is 3.5, but he has been doing it since he was 6 months old.


So we went to check on daddy and he was still asleep so back outside we went. Gabe was FULL of energy so we literally walked all over POFQ. First we went to the playground:


And then we walked over towards building 1. What a lovely view:


Oh no, Gabe spotted another fountain. It drew him in like a bee to honey:


Right after I took this picture Gabe fell in :ohmy:


Poor baby he was soaked, but he didn’t cry - he’s such a tough little guy. :wub: I carried him back to our room, soaking myself in the process :happy: , to wake up DH to get ready to go to the MK for the evening.

Here is a pic of the front of our building:


Here’s another picture of Gabe running around on the lawn outside our room. He had such fun out there:


Thank you! They never sleep when we want them to do they? :wink:


He’s such a little cutie!


Thank you!

More coming soon - I am resizing the pics now. :biggrin:


Yippee…Loving your TR so far. Gabe is too cute for words!!!