Sorry guys, not this year


First off, no this is not a thread about having no EE human testing this year. There’s still hope for that.

OK, it’s gonna be very hard for me to get this out, but so many of you have asked if I’ll be helping Goofy again in the Christmas parade at MK. Sorry to inform, but I’m not returning to that role this year. It’s very sad because I had such a blast doing it last year. But this time it just didn’t work out.

However, I AM learning the Christmas parade at Animal Kingdom. I just won’t be helping Goofy everyday in that one. I’m also learning the Christmas version of the Adventure Begins at Animal Kingdom. Again, it just won’t be everyday. So I still get some Christmas out of it and that rocks. I just wanted to get this question answered for everyone who asked. Hope to see ya’ll at Christmas.


Aaarrrgh! No “Hey Goofy, get Rowdy” chants this year at the MVMCP parade?

Where can we find you?


Try DAK. I should be around there.


I’ll be looking for you in December!


Hope we see you at DAK!


Rowdy! I’m so sorry! :c(

You’re fans are so dissapointed :c(


We are coming out for a few days including New Years Eve. Will you be helping anyone that evening? I will be the one wearing a Grumpy hat with my DC pin in it, lol. I do look forward to “seeing you” there.



That totally stinks, but I am glad that you will still be helping Goofy in other ways. I don’t know if you heard me or not, but I was yelling “rowdy” to captain hook on Halloween night.


aww sorry Rowdy. :frowning: I was hoping I’d get to see you in a parade again. I saw you in the Halloween parade and you were so AWESOME!! You had Captain Hook down… hiding from the croc and everything… :happy:


Thanks so much guys. I’m glad I made all ya’ll that saw the MK parade last year proud. Rest assured the parade will be just as good this year, if not better! Sides, this’ll give me a chance to try something I never tried before, and that’s cool beans.


Aw, Rowdy! The AK folks are lucky to have you on board this year! Can’t wait to see you at AK!!!


Will you be Goofy in the Jingle Jungle parade on the day before Thanksgiving? My mother and I will be at AK that day,and we always make a point of staying for the Jamming in the Jungle parade because it’s our favorite!! It would be so cool if it was you I was seeing!!!


Aww, I’m sorry to hear you won’t be doing the MK parade this year…but I really hope you enjoy the AK one! That’s neat that you will get to try out a new parade. I’d love to come see you and Goofy…:sad:

Whoever goes, take lots of pics so us West Coasters can see Rowdy in action! :wink:


Rowdy that stinks… I’m sorry and just when I was gonna try to look for ya. Hope you like your other opportunity.


I was one of the people that really enjoyed seeing Rowdy help Goofy last year in the MVMCP parade. It was great. While I am sure it will be as good this year I have a feeling that wherever Rowdy is helping this holiday season will be the place to be. I am sorry I won’t get to see either this year, but hopefully we can find you and Goofy in January.


Rowdy, you didn’t by chance help Captain Hook for a Grand Gatherings Pirate Cruise, on October 29th, did you?



Nope I’m afraid not that day. Would have enjoyed it though I can promise you that.


You mean will I be helping Goofy since only Goofy and can be Goofy? LOL I’m not sure yet. There’s a strong possibility though. We’ll have to wait and see!


WOW This is old i love redaing old threads