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Hi Everyone!

My family & I will be visiting WDW from 12/18 thru 12/27. Do you know if World Showcase offers a boat ride from say…the Japan area back to Mexico? I have ADR and will be walking counter clockwise at the start of our morning. I’m wondering if we’ll have to back track to Mexico for lunch.

Any help would be great!

Oh…If I’m doing this wrong, please let me know the correct way to go about posting questions.



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You have it right. Just ask away.

There are boats that cross the lake WS (World Showcase) surrounds. If you look at the boat locations on the EPCOT map on the WDW site you will know where they pick up and drop off. They run frequently and one of them will get you close to Mexico. But the walk really isn’t that long unless someone in your party requires assistance.

Have fun planning.


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I wouldn’t count on the Epcot boats being a timesaver. You’d have to be pretty lucky to catch them just right like that. I always figure it’s faster to walk than go down to the dock and wait for it to come over, discharge passengers, load up new passengers, then travel over.

Like Rich said, unless you have someone in your party for whom walking is an issue, then just hoof it.


I agree with Ddoll Lena, there is always the option of catching the boats across the lagoon and it may jsut work in your favour as far as timing goes but alas I am never one of those lucky ones and it would always be quicker for me to walk it! LOL!

PS…WELCOME to MB!!! I hope you feel right at home, right from the off!


Can’t add any thing to the answers you already have so I’ll just say a warm welcome to MB- anything you’re looking for with regard to WDW you’ll find the answer right here-


thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!
For the warm welcome & helpful advice. :smile:

This is my family’s very first vacation off the island & first Disney experience. So of course, I had to choose WDW & learned immediately after booking my reservation that it was 100 times the size I imagined. Oh my!! My OCD started!!!

I was fine tuning my daily itinerary & realized I messed up on my ADR’s. I should have had them on opposite sides to accommodate our walking direction. But it’s too late now. And that was the reason for my question. I have a 12:10 at Mexico & a 5:35 ADR at Biergarten (it’s the Illumination & Candlelight procession) on the 12/25.

I didn’t want to put my boys 6 & 8 through any additional walking if they didn’t need. I guess we’ll count on walking & see if luck comes our way.

Many thanks again!

And please feel free to help me stick to the WDW reality (that I know little of) instead of my OCD itinerary following mentality.

Mahalo! :mickey:


The walk isn’t that far. My boys are the same ages and we’ll be there in April for our third trip. In the past I’ve rented the double stroller, and might this time too. At 6 and 8 they are capable of walking, but I like having control of where they are OCD :slight_smile: and it also serves as a spot to hold my backpack full of water, things we pick up along the way. And helps to have less cranky kids. I will warn you it is pricey, $32 a day, discount if you have multiple days. BUT, it has come in handy. Last year my mom 67 just couldn’t walk anymore one day, and I pushed her and the boys in it so she could rest a little!
Anyway welcome, I’m kinda new too, and I love this site. Everyone is so helpful! Have a magical vacation…


Your feet will beat the boat, especially if you have to stand and wait 10 minutes for that boat.
As for your surprise that WDW is so big, well, they don’t call it Walt Disney World for nothing. This isn’t Disneyland where they built California Adventure in Disneyland’s original parking lot and the two parks’ gates are no more than 1000 feet apart. The two parks in WDW that are closest to each other and can be considered walking distance, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, (and have a connecting walkway) are a good mile or so apart, while the others are so far from each other you need to take the (provided free) buses. They don’t even have sidewalks that connect them because Disney discourages pedestrians along the main roadways.


I have nothing to add, I just want to say Hello and Welcome to MB!!


Plan away… I love your state. You will have a great trip! It is like nowhere else in the world… And more fun for those kids than you can imagine… Happy trip planning. Ask lots of questions- we are very friendly here, and we love to help with questions…


Nothing to add, but welcome Lena!:happy:


This forum is soooo Awesome. Thank you everyone!
I’m getting more answers & info from here then the moms’s panel at WDW.

Hey llama…I’ll be spending Christmas in WDW also! 12/18 - 12/27/09.

Happy Holidays!


Welcome to the board Lena!!! I hope that you have a wonderfully magical trip. Mexico is one of our favorite places to eat. Actually almost anywhere we’ve tried in the World Showcase is our favorite place to eat. :slight_smile: I remember when I would go with my parents I always wanted to eat inside Mexico when I saw it, I was beyond happy to do it last time.


Don’t be worrying about the walking distance. There is so much to see at World Showcase, that you won’t even know that you are walking the distance. You will be too busy looking at everything. Welcome to Mousebuzz, and enjoy your trip. Remember, it’s good to have a plan, but with the time frame you are going, it’s going to be busy, so keep in mind it’s okay to adjust the schedule if crowds forbid it to work out the way you planned. Take it slow and enjoy!


Hi! Welcome to Mousebuzz. Yes, you will get tons of answers in a pretty friendly environment. :slight_smile:

I was just watching a show last night on Disney trips and they claim the World Showcase is 1.3 miles around. You will beat the boat as Soundgod said. We have many times.

Last year we were in a pretty heavy storm- even by Florida standards- and they stopped the boat service! It was my sister and nephew’s first trip so we walked the whole thing in a down pour and winds! LOL! Ahhh the memories…


Welcome. Make sure that you take time to explore each country. Christmas is the best time to be at WDW with each country in EPCOT doing special things with the traditions of Christmas/holiday celebrations.

Make sure you catch the Candlelight Procession.

I’d also recommend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party one night during your stay. It’s an extra ticket item and not cheap but it’s worth it.