South West


I was just checking out south west and was quoted $759.00 RT for 4. Is that a good price or shall I wait. The problem is that time is running out.


That is an average price, you can find cheaper fares at off times.
During the vacations flights run for $800-900 for 4 people at minimum.
Take it now, because you are dealing with a large group.


Where are you flying from?


Check out …also put usa3000 in the coupon box it’ll give you $10 off each round trip ticket if it has not expired yet. They do have limited cities and times they fly, but they do go to orlando and it is worth a shot


If I could get 4 tickets for that price, I’d book it in a heartbeat!! I can’t find them that cheap for our upcoming trip and I’ve been watching SWA for months…so we’re driving the 1100 miles each way…but saving lots of $$!


Philadelphia to orlando.


I think at this point (with 2 months left to go) that would be a good price. You get your best prices the earlier you start looking, especially with South West. I booked late June from Providence at $540 total for 4 people. But, we watched the site like a hawk and booked in the first few hours the dates were released. I think at this point your only hope to lower the price is to hold out for a DING! fare (you need to download the software and watch it daily) but that could be risky.


I fly from Philly too. I would book now, that’s a good fare. A cheaper fare may be offered, but you may not get 4 seats. My motto is if the ticket is under $200 with taxes and fees, book it.

FYI - USA 3000 discontinues the Philly to Orlando route effective 4/28/05.


I seen that. I just went onto usa3000. What im gonna do is book 1 way on uas 3000 $69.00 per person and then get swest back home for a total of $648.00 4 people. I hope that will work.


Thank you for this info I will book usa 3000 to orlando and then swest from orlando to home. This total will be 648.00 4 people


Let us know if it worked out - that is a great price. Can’t you do the usa3000 round trip?


Book it now and if it drops, you can re-book. At least with SW you can. I am not sure about the others.


no usa300 rt. they disc phila in april


Sw is selling fast from Philly, Tink. I choose BWI because I had more flight options. But that is probably too far for you.


I tried BWI. There were all full comming home. I love BWI. When I go to KY i use BWI


Geez those are pretty good fares for the distance! And for both ways! If you booked with others I’m sure they would be much higher. Horizon could be cheaper but I think SW is cheaper. They usually are the cheapest.


That is a good price. SW does book up fast. I booked our tickets for our July trip two weeks ago the very day SW finally posted their July rates, but the very cheap flights booked up quickly. I know several people who fly USA3000 and love it, so its a shame they discontinued the Philly to Orlando route.


I checked flights to Orlando from Buffalo- for the four of us it would be 782.40, not bad considering it is non-stop. But of course these fares are only up to August 3rd, patiently waiting for December’s to come up. Boy do I have a long wait because December’s don’t come out until August. But you get the drift. Would love to fly non-stop, only 2 and a half hours til touchdown from Buffalo. This is southwest of course.


Just wanted to tahnk you for this code. was able to book 4 tickets for $296.80 one way. Decided to book south west from orlando to philly for $350.00 so thats not bad. :happy:


I’m so glad that the code helped…I hope you have a great trip!!!