Southwest Airfare


I just received an e-mial from Southwest with some of the cheapest airfare I have seen in the past 30 days of so. If you are looking for airfare check in with Southwest.


I got the same one, and yes, fantastic rates:

$99 one-way, to/from Austin, TX
$39 one-way, to/from Birmingham, AL
$49 one-way, to/from Buffalo, NY
$59 one-way, to/from Chicago Midway, IL
$59 one-way, to/from Columbus, OH
$49 one-way, to/from Hartford, CT (BDL)
$79 one-way, to/from Houston Hobby, TX
$59 one-way, to/from Indianapolis, IN
$39 one-way, to/from Jackson, MS
$59 one-way, to/from Kansas City, MO
$129 one-way, to/from Las Vegas, NV
$49 one-way, to/from Manchester, NH
$39 one-way, to/from Nashville, TN
$39 one-way, to/from Norfolk, VA
$49 one-way, to/from Philadelphia, PA
$129 one-way, to/from Phoenix, AZ
$39 one-way, to/from Pittsburgh, PA
$49 one-way, to/from Providence, RI
$39 one-way, to/from Raleigh-Durham, NC
$59 one-way, to/from St. Louis, MO

Purchase November 4 through November 7, 2005, midnight Pacific Time.

Travel November 18 through December 17, 2005.


FYI, the have an $88 each way fare from SACRAMENTO–that is amazing!!! I have seen it for travel on Saturdays in Jan and Feb.

Oh, how I wish I could go :sad:


I got that email too. I need it for Feb 10-18 so Im waiting before I decide weather or not to drive or fly. I need to have airfare for $650 out of philly for 4 to beat driving.


Are these fares before or after all of the taxes, fees, surcharges etc?


Thank you so much for posting this info. I called my brother and told him to check into this since he is using SW in Dec when we meet him and my nephew at WDW. SW let him change to the sale fare and put the remaining balance as a credit for future use. They fly SW all the time so that is not a problem for him. His total savings was 320.00!!

Thanks again Cincy!!
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This stinks because I just booked with airtran yesterday because southwest didn’t have the $79 price for the flights I wanted.


Does Disney’s Magical Express utilized Southwest Airlines? I have noticed great fares as well and downloaded the “ding” this morning onto my computer. I would like to use DME for my next trip if we choose to fly.



Yes, you can use ME with southwest, but on your return to the airport you have to take your luggage with you.


Karliebug is right, you can use DME with SWA. We did it last summer, it was easy and we had wonderful service.


Grrr - just checked - why can’t they have these sales when I have the time to take off (school vacations)? Some day I’ll be able to travel off-peak.


I wish I could use this, I need February too! I booked with AirTran, I just dont like waiting until the last minute to book. We have heard so many stories about airlines and gas prices.

We did just get back from flying with Delta/Song. I will say that checking in at the hotel and getting our boarding passes there was so nice. It was also very expensive flying with Delta from my hometown! :mickey:


I love this airline! Southwest if terrific. I just called Jet Blue, and they were $150 per person more expensive than Continental!!!


Still can’t snag a good rate for our return flight. I guess they don’t need to mark down flights on Sunday evening. Must be peak travel time.


SW does not have onsite check in at the the motels for ME like some of the other airlines, but you can ask a CM to print your boarding passes ahead of time.


Hey does anyone know how to find out where your layover will be? For our flight tomorrow, it says 1 stop, but does not post the airport. Just wondering…


Hey sons lover - I don’t have your answer but I see you’re down to ONE DAY! Whoo hooo! I’m so jealous …


Can’t you go to SWA website and look up your flight by the flight number? It should show you the layovers and the time and everything.


Yes, in theory, it should. But it doesn’t! :frown: It just shows a #1 in the stop column, whereas for all the other flights that day it shows the initials of the airport.


I know! One day! It doesn’t seem possible. I’ll make sure to tell Stitch you’ll be there to see him in June! :heart: