Southwest Airlines question


Hello everyone! Sorry to bore you with another airline question. As most of ya know I was thinking of switching to Airtran because of the Buy1get1 deal I had for RT 2 of us $160. The problem is I can’t get over my thought on switching from SWA to another. SW just opened the dates I need for Sept and it looks as of now its $99 1 way pp. So my question is should I wait and see if it comes down? Do you think I will be able to get RT philly orlando for the 2 of us around $250-$300?
If so when should I see the sale
The airtran promo department should be calling today to book the buy1 get 1 flight and if the SWA question is right on I’m going to skip on airtran.


Just book the cheap flight and go enjoy the trip.


I thought we settled on Oceanic? Did they not have any seats left? I am sure they can squeeze you guys in there somewhere.


Hahahaha…after thinking about it the price of checked bags seats and whatever else it may total the SW price


That’s what I was going to say. Southwest your luggage is free. Airtran is $15 for the first checked bag and $25 for the second. So it still may be cheaper to go southwest. Though southwest prices did literally go up over night for Sept 19th last night I could get a $59 flight today same flight is $79


Playing the waiting game with the airlines is no fun–I know I have done it many times!! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose! My motto now is to book if I feel the fare is reasonable and the flight times are good. Sometimes waiting will pay off but sometimes the fares increase and seats on the flights you want become hard to get!


Exactly my thoughts. I like the peace of mind knowing that SWA rarely has flight time changes or cancellations/delays and they take off and land ON TIME or a tad early. knock on wood!! That kind of thing can really mess up the start of a Disney trip because of ADR’s and such. I also appreciate that SWA doesn’t charge for bag #1 and their flight crews are SO pleasant.

We’ll probably always fly SWA. I need to go check our flight dates now that you’re talking about this. DH has flight vouchers that we’ll use so our flight will be free but I want to make sure we get good flight times!


TB24 - S/W out of BWI is $80 cheaper than Philly. I know you are close, but could it be worth the drive? NAd comapring the two airports? BWI wins hands down.


I love SW! But, even with 2 bags the other flight is $200.00. In order to do better with SW, you would have to get a fare of no more than $40 to $45 pp, each way. I have gotten as low as $50 from NC, but no less. You just need to decide if the waiting game is worth the stress.


For the dates??? Holy cow! I love BWI. I may have to think about that. I just have to figure out if I want to use the buy1 get 1 free with airtran which is non refundable or just stick with what I know. I was told that SW will come down on the fares as the times gets closer but again who knows.


I know that’s not always true. I check our flights often and more often the fare goes UP closer to the date. Our flights dropped a few weeks after we bought but a friend didn’t buy her flights for about the same date and that price went up by $50 per person.

Make a decision based on the information you have, sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. When I’m spending a couple thousand dollars on a vacation I’m not going to sweat the price of my flight dropping $20. I would rather have the flight I want at the time I want than play the waiting game and ending up with a time or price that’s not what I want.


Honestly, that’s worth a lot to me. We’ve never been disappointed with SWA. Their crews are so nice and we’re always on time with no changes in our flight times. I can’t say the same thing about other airlines.


Don’t count on that. My dh just heard yesterday that ridership is up on most airlines and are thinking of raising rates. While you’re deciding on it, remember that AirTran not only charges for that 1st bag, but also charged $6 per seat.


I usually make my airline reservations right after I have booked my trip. Since I don’t want to drive to Philadelphia, my only choice is Atlantic City which (right now) only has one airline…Spirit (Air Tran is coming in to the airport in June.) I could probably get a cheaper flight if I waited until closer to trip time, but I like it out of the way and done. My luck would be that I couldn’t get the flight time I wanted.


IF S/W drops the fair, you can re book and get credited for the difference. But a 2for1 sale may be hard to beat.


Southwest filights went back down again this morning for the flights I was looking at go figure. They really do change day to day


I was thinking the same thing. The only thing bugging me about the buy1gey1 is its with airtran. I’ve heard that they most always change flight times and things like that. I am a light packer or could be if I needed to.


I just checked SW site and the flights I was looking at yesterday went back down. They are now $59 1 way total $278 for RT for 2 of us.


I would be all over that!


I’m about to go log on my PC and book it. I figure that IF there is a ding I can change it and IF
I need to change the reservation I can. With the other I can’t and besides I can check bags for free if I wanted to and change if I have to change and seats are free and I KNOW how to be one of the 1st on so I know Madison and I will be sitting together…I don’t want to sweat the small stuff but its like a game for me. See how cheap I can get there and do Disney for :laugh: I want to stick under the $2000 I have for the trip so why in the world am I sweating over $100 for airfare :laugh: I may need to go see Dr. Phil :laugh: