Southwest Dates


What is going on with Southwest and the dates? It has been at August 22 sense February, I beleve. We are waiting for the 24th and it seems to be getting rediculous now. Anyone know what is going on? Someone said today the dates were suppose to change but I just checked. Still August 22, 2008.:wacko:


Ditto. I have “Check New Southwest Dates” on my calendar for today. But no changes currently. Originally, their webpage said that was the day to come back.

Lots of Airlines are having “issues” currently. :wacko:


Do you know what these issues are? I don’t even know where everyone sees the date to check back. I haven’t found it. Mine has been more of a daily experience until someone stated it on here. I’m so frustrated! I’m keeping track of it for 5 people right now. And for 2 different trips! My heads gonna spin soon!


For months it said it would open the schedule through Oct 30th on April 17th, but last week it changed to April 18th…I called SWA today and the agent I spoke to said as far as she knows it will still be tomorrow. I asked her what time and she said it usually around 10:00am (CST)


Oh, Thanks! I was really starting to freak out. I hope its still the same and they don’t change it again. Do they ussually wait so long before adding new dates? I’ll still be waiting for a Nov-Dec trip.


They probably won’t open up the Nov dates yet.


I think it’s ridiculous that an airline operates like this!!


The only time we booked with another airline they changes the flight times at least half a dozen times–never again. I haven’t seen SWA change a flight yet and I believe part of that is that they don’t post their flights a year out.


Thank god I booked when I did. My fare going home went up $25 PP


I’m just so impatient…10:03 and still August 22, 2008.
I just want to get this done with!


Heads up to any people looking for Southwest flights, a new ding arrived, 15% off flights between late August through October.


I was booking my flight when the ding came up, and I just saved another 60 dollars! 362 instead of 422. And I am going to Disney!!


YEAH! They’re up ANDit saves us so much to wait until the next day! Our Scrapbooking vacation also is a mini vacation to DISNEY!!!
I can’t wait!!!


What is a ding and how do I use it?


a ding is a little savings thing you sign up for off the southwest web site. You get little reports and emails about savings on thier tickets and such. Go to the site and you’ll find a little orange rectangle at the bottom middle and that will take you through the steps.
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