Southwest Early Bird Check-in?


We are new to SW this year. Is the early bird check-in something we should do? Only 2 of us flying, but my daughter is not fond of plane rides. She would probably be more at ease if we were seated together. What would you say the chances are we would be split up without early birds? I understand the closer to the 24hr mark you check in the better off you are. Not a problem on the flight out, but how do the rest of you handle 24hr check-in for your return flight when you are at DW? Im leaning toward paying the $40 just for piece of mind. What do you think?:huh:


I have always gone to the front desk at the hotel 24 hrs before my scheduled time and got “A” seating for the 4 of us and have always been seated together. This was before they offered early bird check in though. I don’t think most people will pay the extra unless it is a busy time you are flying.It should be easier to get 2 seats together. If the exta money is not an issue and it gives you some peace of mind, then you can do that and not worry about it.One ggod thing is that Southwest is a partner airline so you can check your luggage at the resort. Good luck and have a great trip!


We have checked in at the front desk of our resort and at guest services at the parks if we happen to be in the parks when it’s time to check in. No one has ever blinked an eye when we asked them to check us in. We’ve also had friends or family at home check up in.

We’re planning to use the SWA app on our phone to check in this summer but it’s nice to have a back up in case that doesn’t work.


Would I be wrong in saying when I made our SW booking, that I already selected our seats? I might be getting this confused with Virgin, but I am sure I did? We are new to Southwest too.


SW doesn’t assign seats, you just board the plane and pick any open seat. I love the way SWA does things but I understand not everyone does.


I wouldn’t worry. Even if something happens where you are late to getting on the plane and are separated, just let an attendant know your daughter is nervous about flying, and they will ask for volunteers to trade seats so you can get two seats together.


You can also use your cell to check in

Unless you don’t check in until you get to the airport you should be ok.

You can also just do the early bird for the return flight if you like.


OK thanks, it must have been Virgin Atlantic. I think non seat assignment works too, we have a company called Easy jet who also work this way and I could not imagine how this would work when we recently flew to Barcelona. However, overall we felt it was much better, no people searching for their allocated seats and fighting over the overhead bins, people just seemed to sit in order of their position in the boarding line it seemed far quicker and more efficient to me.
I appreciate though we have only done this type of seating twice (round trip) and it may not always be as smooth as we found on that particular trip.


We just used the Disney Check-in for Southwest where you check the bags at the front desk. We were told that if you get your own boarding pass that you CANNOT check bags- it has to be done at the same time and not in advance. I repeat CANNOT check bags at resort!!! However when we went to check our bags at Disney in the AM for our flight home ( and the same goes for Dad flying into Baltimore) We were given boarding passes that were A boarding group- Im not sure if there was a block held for Disney Guests or not or if they automaticly book your boarding at that 24 hour mark since you are a Disney guest- The service however was AWESOME and we did not have to pay for our bags because it was Southwest!


Personally, I think it’s worth the $20 to not have to worry about it on your vacation.


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I wonder if that depends on your resort, I have read on the DIS that people have checked in either themselves or through Early Bird Check In and used the baggage service provided at the resort.


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We were at AKL Kadani Village. My dad was told by the front desk that if he were to check in himself that he would not be able to use the bag checkin service. Seing that this is only two weeks old- Im curious as to where things will settle. I was just saying that perhaps the earlybird will affect this as well since its paying a service to check you in -


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The early bird check in just holds you place in the “A” group behind the Biz Select and Superdooper Freq flyer group.



The early bird check in just holds you place in the “A” group behind the Biz Select and Superdooper Freq flyer group.[/QUOTE]

So I take it if you use early bird to check in, you are still OK to use the baggage check in at the resort, because you havent gotten your boarding passes yet. When you check in the luggage they will print out your boarding passes, so as long as we do those together we should be alright. Does that sound right?:huh:


I would definitely call baggage services at the resort and ask. If you do “Earlybird Checkin” its still checking in regardless of weather or not you have printed your tickets. My father was stopped by the front desk from checking in 24 hours in advance because they told him that if he did he would not be able to check his bags. I would just call. Its a very new program for SWA because it started on March 23- that is a lot of debugging that is still going on. Not to mention that they put my dads bags on the wrong flight… the bags arrived an hour after he did. Just call and ask to be certain. We were just thrilled that they offered it for Southwest at all- I had no idea till I read the slip in my room.


I will definitely check! Thank you for the heads up. Wish us well:huh:


Help!! you guys have me lost here. Let me tell you what we are doing and then if anyone can advise I’d be grateful.
We are at POR and are flying over to Vegas for three days with SWA. Can I check in for the Vegas flight at POR front desk and are you saying if I dont then the chances are that me DH and DD will be sitting seperately on the flight?
Also, if we are checking in bags, then we can’t check in at POR anyway? and it would have to be the airport?? sorry for the confusion but I am new to this internal flying (and SWA) and thanks in advance.


Karen, I have never used ME so if that’s how your bags are getting picked up then I can’t help you.
But as far as SW goes, you can either check in online yourself or ask the front desk to check you in for your SW flight 24 hrs before your scheduled departure. You don’t need a boarding pass, just the check in itself. When you get to the airport, you will already have a boarding number that allows you to board early from your efforts the day before. You can then get a printed copy of the boarding pass when you check in your luggage.

The other option for early check in is to pay the $10 per person that SW offers and then there is nothing at all to worry about. The only time you would have to be concerned with not getting to sit together is if you don’t do anything for check in and just show up at the airport prior to your flight.