Southwest flight prices?


Having booked online with Southwest, I’ve had a hard look at our departure time and decided I will not get up at 5 am on last day of vacation, and dash out of Pop Century with the sunrise to catch the first flight.

So, does anyone know approx when the prices start going back down? I think I saw that it is about 4 weeks before the flight date, but I could be confused. :blush:

We are coming home Oct. 23rd, and at this point I will be paying another 200 bucks for 2 people if I move my flight to the 4;30 time slot.


If anyone can figure out the pricing…

Based on my experiences, fares are often based on the number of seats available. If the flight has a number of unsold seats you MAY see them drop. HOWEVER, you may well not see them drop at all if the flight is full.

I had a friend who kept putting off buying a ticket hoping to get the $49 fare of the good old days when SWA was new in this market. Ended up stuck with almost full fare!


I starting to think SW now knows how much “cheaper” they are because of the bags fly free deal, sooooo they tack on the $$$ on more than half their flights now.
C’mon why are some flights $79 when, others are $385, 2 days later to the same place??? They have to make their money, and still be competitive with the other airlines.
Just my little old opinion!


SW is almost always the cheapest for us, but for our trip in Oct. Continental was $200 cheaper. I kept waiting for the SW fares to come down, but they didn’t even seem to be moving unless I wanted horrible flight times. Finally, on Monday a lot of other airlines prices seemed to come down so I pulled the trigger because it was just starting to get a little bit to close for me not to have airfare. I think airfare is the most stressful part of planning any vacation. I hope the prices come down for you because getting up for that early flight totally sucks.


We are leaving on Oct 26th just for that reason. I would enjoy another day instead of pay the higher prices to leave on a Sunday. I also watch the flights out of Tampa when we stay off property and have a rental car.


I am totally thinking that it will be ok to pay another 100 bucks or so to move the time back, but 200 is a bit steep for people on a budget. thanks for the replies folks =)


I agree that 200 is a lot. Also, you really can’t enjoy the parks too much which a 4:30 departure either as Magical Express would get you around 1:30pm. If you were only there for a few days it might be worth it to add the extra time.


I am flying from CT too and we always fly SW. I was watching the flights for weeks and they were $119 + so I waited and waited and a month went by and they went up to $144+. I held my breath and waited some more and now the flights down are $84 and have held at that price for 2 weeks now. The flight home went down too, but like you I didn’t want an early flight or a connection so I was able to book Jet BLue since they are starting to fly out of Hartford in the fall. With them I was able to get $84 going home and our flight isn’t until 7pm.

There is no rhyme or reason to the SW flight prices. I checked them every day, multiple times a day (they can fluctuate during the day).

Good luck!!

Oh by the way I wouldn’t wait for a DING either…there hasn’t been an Orlando/Hartford DING in all of Aug and so far none for Sept.


I have been watching sw also they were 92 out of baltimore I didnt buy in time now they are $118 each way. . it looks like unless they drop we will be driving.


I got our flights out of Baltimore for $89 down and $69 back. I booked the down flight as soon as they were released and have not seen that price since then. I have been watching the return flights but they have not gone below $118 for the last flight back on the 24th so we are just going to spend the extra money by staying an extra day in WDW and flying home on Monday.

And I have not seen a BWI to MCO ding in FOREVER:crying:


I’ve been checking a million times a day too. It drives me crazy…6 am flight is 121…two hours later 99…hour after that 121…

We have our flights, I’ve been checking for my DS and wife. They could get a cheap flight on lots of airline IF they want to leave disney at 4 or 5 AM.


after all the checking and checking ad nauseaum, i finally decided to purchase the 3:30 pm flight which added 54 dollars per person to the price. i’m ticked off but i didn’t want to get stuck with that original early departure time.


[QUOTE=nursepammi;1052484]after all the checking and checking ad nauseaum, i finally decided to purchase the 3:30 pm flight which added 54 dollars per person to the price. i’m ticked off but i didn’t want to get stuck with that original early departure time.[/QUOTE]you did the right thing,why because once you get inside that 14 day window ,you can pretty much forget about the lower fare just check every day until the 14 if it goes down rebook…but getting up that early is not a pretty thing…so in the long run it will be better in so many ways…