Southwest has rates through October 27, 2006


For all of you traveling in late September/early October, Southwest just released rates for your travel time. Hurry up before all the cheap seats are gone!


Oh sure, after I already went with another airline! (I got tired of waiting) :dry:

Thanks for the update, though.


Thanks for the heads up! I checked SW out and there fares were OK. But not great. For a few $$ we can flight on United or American, so unless SW comes out with something really good, we are going to support our friends who work for united!



I haven’t looked yet today :mickey: It was so frustrating to keep seeing ‘September 12th’ that I had given up checking it in the am.


I’m in the same boat with you…want to take turns rowing? I knew this would be the way it would play out…lol I wouldn’t have been able to book both parts of the trip anyway. I don’t come home until 11/1…they did it the same exact way last trip. they took reservation only up to half was through my trip…lol


Very frustrating. For 2 of us the total was going to be close to $700 from Tucson to Orlando. The times were awesome, but I think I am going to keep looking. 3 of us flew from here to Ohio for under $600 round trip so I know it can be done!!!
No Spirit or JetBlue from here either… sigh
But I still have time to look! Where there is a will (and a huge relief in gas prices) there is a way!


Thanks Mickey,
keep me posted for December times!