Southwest is having a Sale!


In celebrating Southwest’s 40th birthday, they started a sale today. My already booked flight going down to Florida that I paid $117 went down to $80, and the flights I’ve been watching to come back home, which were hovering around $179 went down to $114. So, I booked the flight home, and re-booked the flight I had already purchased. Now have $148 credit for my next trip!


SORT of…

The ad is FROM $40 and well, it wasn’t all locations for my market. And MCO wasn’t included for us! :mad: The fare for our Oct dates were actually HIGHER than what I have already booked.


I am currently on hold … $168 credit and we got a better flight time … now waiting to talk to rep due to website error … Errrrrrrrrr


Well Wall…it’s 45 minutes later. Are you still on hold??? Were they able to fix the error?


Still on hold … Now the credit somehow hit $245 …
Heck at this rate I’ll hold til it’s free !!! :laugh:

Minute on hold count … over an hour total.


Wow! I was joking about the 45 minutes. Can’t believe your still on the phone. But, totally agree, well worth the time.


9:20 PM … Off the phone !!!

Had to cancel then buy new flights … final savings after all the tax stuff … $189


how long is this sale for? anybody know.


I was able to get $165 credit on 5 tickets!! $825 in credits!! None of which is in my name :(. I haven’t read the fine print, but the person whose name the credit is in is the only one that can use the credit - is that correct?? I might get my husband to fly if it was “free”. I had an error message also Wall, but I did get an e-mail with 3 of the ticket holders name on it?? I’ll call tomorrow to check on the other two.


[QUOTE=WALL;1080686]9:20 PM … Off the phone !!!

Had to cancel then buy new flights … final savings after all the tax stuff … $189[/QUOTE]

Wow.good for you. Now you can use that 189 to buy maybe 3 or 4 beers (at disney prices)?


Thanks Bethishooked! I finally got a conformation e-mail with all 5 names. Now I just hope they all use the credit so I don’t feel like I wasted my $$$!


Says to have to book by June 23rd.


Watch those credits too folks…you have a year to use them from the ORIGINAL ticket purchase date! While that sounds crappy, remember that unless you bought the full fare ticket they were actaully non refundable.

They don’t have to be used by you personally and can be used by anybody purchasing SWA tickets, as long as they have you name and confirmation number.


I read that but last spring, however, I rebooked my DH’s flight and used his credit to book my flight. I didn’t think it would work but it did.


It’s now done on a name basis. I lost a $96 credit not knowing this.


I asked the SW Rep if I could use this towards a rental car … NO !!!
I then asked if I could use part of this for early check in … NO !!!
Oh Well … We did get our times changed to the what we wanted originally and we got some play money for our next flight !!!

I just might buy a BEER on the flight to Orlando ...NO !!!   :laugh:


I believe anyone can use the credit. A couple of years ago I used my SW credit when booking a flight for my sister.


I am going to call and check to see if I can purchase tickets for my husband and myself with the credits since I paid for the tickets. I’ll let you know how it turned out. Well, maybe I better be sure my husband will actually get on the plane first LOL!


SWA changed their rule a year or so ago and now only the person who was listed on the original ticket can use the credit (or something lime that). However, I was able to use my DH credit on my flight.


Got a $62 credit for DW and I. Hope we can use the credit before it expires.