Southwest Nov-Jan


In case anyone is waiting and waiting and waiting like me…

I just called Southwest to see when the Nov schedule will open up and I was told that on June 26th the schedule will be open for travel Nov-Jan.

Hopefully gas prices will lower drastically by then! :blush:


OH good to know, thanks. We will need a SW flight for our after Christmas/New Years trip.


when they first come up, wait about an hour or so for a ding. when this last group came up, about an hour later is when they had a ding for I think 15% off. the prices have not been lower than that since. they’ve been close to the same, but not lower.


The last time I actually booked a great price and the next day the prices were far greater! Hope I get lucky this next time even though I’ll be booking for my parents flying to meet us for our Nov-Dec trip. I’m not so young anymore so I don’t enjoy spending their money as much anymore!
SSN-Thanks SOOOOOO much for posting the info!!!


Thanks so much for this information. I had been checking the SW website everyday for updates for my upcoming November trip but now I can mark my calendar!!!


ssn, thanks for this. I will be sure to click on my ding come the end of June! If I can snag airfare in the $200 range, we’re flying. Although I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt that! :laugh:


That’s the same kind of deal we’re hoping for too! Thanks for the info SSN!
Too bad I can’t get DING to work at home, wonder if it has to do with dialup? and I’m blocked from work, so we’ll hope for the best published rate!


Considering that Continental is showing the best rate for our dates to be $535, I am keeping my fingers crossed that Southwest will have a good deal for us!


535! Ouch~