Southwest now has dates until Jan 4


So what’s the thinking, book fast and hope you did good or check back 27,0000 times praying for a cheaper price? I did book the outbound flight, thinking I could apply credit toward the home bound flight.


I should have book the day our flights were released - they are $65 higher now!


It seems like Southwest always has price drops closer to the date. I always wait a while and see what they’re going to do.


Just booked our flight down for October 7th with Southwest. Total per ticket was $124.70. I am waiting on the return flight which is still at $240.70. We can fly back on AirTran for $149.70, but I prefer Southwest. Debating on how long to chance it.


AirTran and SW are merging. So technically, you’re flying SW both ways.

Nicely done.


Well, after discussing it for about hour (really it was only ten mins, but to DH it felt like an hour) I booked both flights. We really like nonstop flights and there are only 4 going each way. We are thinking of another trip early May (only because those MBers posted such great pictures of the flower show thing), so any credit can be used toward that. But anyway that’s done, now I just have to do the 27,000 checking thing for a price drop for the next 6 months and 8 days.


:laugh:Glad I am not the only one that does that.


I kept looking at Oct prices, hoping end of Nov -beginning of Dec would be about the same…they weren’t. :frown: If they did drop to the same levels, we’d save about 50 bucks RT per ticket.

My DD is flying from Philly in two weeks and she paid 89 plus tax. She booked about a week ago.

At least with our Mastercard we are getting 5% back.:happy:


on my way over to SW. Thanks for the info


I went on there and then I check priceline and US Airways is cheaper. That is crazy, I will save 100.00 for the whole trip, because it is a 25$ diff and I need 4 tickets.


What about luggage? My DD is flying SW down and United coming back. Same price, BUT united charges for luggage. (reason switching to united is SIL is traveling on business and they use united.)


Since SIL wanted United I guess SIL gets to pay the baggage fees. Sounds fair to me.


Not his choice, that’s what his company uses. His bags are covered by company, but DD will have to pay. That’s the price for wanting the family to fly together.

I wish I could go with her. Flying down with a 6 yr old and a 22 month old does not sound fun. I fly down with a 66 yr old and sometimes that’s not fun. :laugh:


They charge, but I pack the kids stuff in with mine so I only take one suitcase and DH usually packs a carryon.


Just purchased our returning flight. I have been checking SW everyday and it had not moved from $230. Today it was $194 so I jumped. Maybe some other flights have gone down also.