Southwest open through January 9th!


I recieved a Ding! notification that Southwest’s schedule is open well past the Holiday season!
Just wanted to give a heads up to those of you waiting to price with them :happy:


Congrats to those who have been waiting for this! I know there are a few of you…what are you waiting for? Grab that airfare!


Well, I have been waiting on this for awhile now and I am not
impressed,happy but not impressed. A month or so ago I bailed
out waiting for SW to come out with our dates, Dec 22-Jan4th
and took JetBlue for our flights. I had to pay $1108.40 for the
four of us this year (a far cry from $421.00 total last year) But
with Southwest wanting $1150.40 I still beat them. And I just
looked up JetBlue and our dates have gone to $1468.40. So, all
and all I did ok, but in the end I guess either one is still kicking
my butt!:glare:


Well, as soon as Southwest released dates, my mother decided that she would rather have all of us go on a cruise in June/July '07 :confused: than have me go for 5 days in Dec.!



Great news Daisyd. Thanks for passing it on. I have been waiting for this.


Good Golly! Baltimore - Orlando for $39.00!

How much vacation do I have - How many DVC points …


WOW!!! that is awesome! I have not checked Hartford to Orlando yet- I amd not going till FEb… that is awesome!