Southwest prices from Providence


We have been booking trips for the last 14 years this time of the year for our annual April trip and the prices this year are OUT OF CONTROL! I think it’s because Easter falls the Sunday before our kids spring vacation.
My question is, dose anyone think prices will go down closer to April or go up?! I’m kind of having a mini-meltdown :crying:
I can’t spend $2000.00 on 4 people when I regularly spend around $800.00 a $1000.00 max


Don’t expect the prices to drop. We just paid 770 for two people (Wanna get away fare) RT from PVD for the first week of December. With Easter being close to school vacation, I do not think the prices will drop. I am looking at going to New Orleans in March for a wedding, and it is going to cost me around 600 for a weekend :frowning: . Good luck. Are you in RI or SE MA?


UGH! The prices for airfare drive me crazy!
We’re in south east MA on the RI boarder, Blackstone, MA


I’m used to paying the $59 fare… for spring break its $250 each way (min)… ri****diculous