SouthWest question


I see SW has 3 different classes of flying, Business Select which I am not interested in, Business and Wanna Get Away. My question is, what is the difference in boarding for Business and Wanna get away? I have 2 Adults and 2 Children and I don’t want to be separated ie. 1 adult and 1 child together would be fine. My concern is the Wanna get away if it would board us last and you take what seats are left or does it depend on when you check in online?


You are correct in that business class gets to board first. We’ve flown many times with SWA and have never had a problem sitting together. We always print our boarding passes early so we have an A (once a B) so there are always plenty of empty seats to pick from. After business class you are boarded by the letter and number on your boarding pass. The earlier you check in the earlier you board the plane.

We’ve seen the last family to board and the seats left aren’t together but teh staff works to get each child a seat with one parent.


I always purchase the cheapest airline price, check in at the 24 hour mark and have always been in the A boarding. If your children are small and you qualify for the early child boarding, if you are not an A, you will board immediately following the A boarding. If you have an A boarding, you can all board then. You’ll be fine.


Only Business Select gets to board first. They also get a free drink. Hardly worth the price tag if you ask me.


We flew Southwest to Orlando and back this last trip. Business Select is guaranteed to be one of the first 20 or so to board. You now get a number, so I was A26 on our way home, and you line up according to your letter and number.

Both of our flights, there were only 2 guys that boarded first, and then they started with A21 or 26, I can’t remember. Both flights I was in the first 5 people on board.

One great change they made is the now let families with little kids board between the As and Bs, so they are no longer first on board, but do get on board early enough to sit together.

We always buy the cheapest fare, and have no problem getting seats. Just make sure you check in exactly 24 hours before your flight, you will not have any problems either.


My family recently had some internet difficulty and ended up in the last boarding group. There were six of us with a random smathering of empty seats and the staff was extremely careful to make sure that we were seated in twos. We werent even traveling with small children! I def. would not spend the extra money!


Agree on not spending the extra money. Just try to get online to print your passes 24 hours before and you should be good. And even if you don’t, like the others have said, they won’t separate a parent and child and make them sit seperately.


That’s what happened when we flew this winter, we were A20 something and there weren’t many business fares on our flight. My son and I were in the first few people to board with numbers A22 and 23. My DH was number B92 and there were lots of seats left to pick from had we not saved him one.

It used to bug me when 6-10 people got to pre-board because they had one child under 5 in their group. I like that at least the A group boards first and I think they are now limited to one adult per child under 5. It doesn’t take every adult to get that child in a seat.


well thank you, I was afraid “cheap tickets” meant you got automatically put into C group. Now I can save about $500 on tickets


On our flight home, there was a group of about 40 people who approached the podium during pre-boarding. They hadn’t checked in until they got to the airport, and the flight was full, so they were the last 40 on. They had gotten one lady in their group, who was a bit large, and got a pre-board pass for her. They were expecting to all get on with her, and the agent gave them the stink eye, and let the one lady on, but sent the rest of the group back to the back of the line. They even had a stewardess stand by the lady on board to make sure she wasn’t saving seats. Oh, sweet justice.


My daughter said she was the 4th or 5th to board and a couple people before her "saved 4 rows of seats! She said she was sooo mad. I told her I don’t think I would have been as kind as her. I would have told them sorry and sat down. That’s why they are having this type of boarding. I think the stewardess should have stopped this one too.

That is the only time we’ve had a problem in our family and in the past couple years a total of 5 times either us or our family has flown. Of course, I always check in at the 24 hr mark

I LOVE southwest, and the cheap tickets! Why pay more money when you get to the same place.


Nice! I have always loved SWA and these new boarding rules make me happy. I think SWA listened to their customers and this was a long time coming.


I think I may have taken one of those seats. I’m not usually that type of person but things like that bug me.


I’ve also never had a problem with getting seats with my family. We always get on the plane and go toward the back. Everyone else fills in the front rows and the back is always open until the end. I LOVE the new boarding rules though. It was frustrating to see many people boarding for one small child.


Wow. :eek: That is so nerve-y!!! Even when I saved seats for my friend and her daughter…I didn’t really “save” them. I just sat in the last seat of that row and hoped no one tried to sit there too. I’m stunned they let those people get away with that.