SouthWest Schedule and Pricing


Dear MM fans,

SouthWest has updated their schedule to include the month of FEB.
I am planning on going on the 9-12th.

Is it best to get the tixs now, or will a special fare be offered soon. Or is it that the fares they offer don’t change or get lower.

Some of the flights are already unavailable. so should i sign on now, or wait for a disccount? Has anyone had an experience with this matter?

all help would be greatly appreciated


You need to sign up for their “Ding” fares. That will keep you updated. We were able to get great fares for December that way.


You need to sign up now and pay for the flights you really want. If the prices go down, you can always get a refund. But the most popular flights do get sold out and then you’re stuck.


I’d buy them now if it were in my budget just because you said some of the flights are not available. You are returning on a Sunday, and that’s a big day to travel.

SW very well may offer a lower fare with their Ding! specials, but you have to catch them when they show up (they are offered in ramdom markets, at different times of day, and expire quickly for the most part). FYI, Southwest changes their weekly specials (different from Ding!) on Tuesdays.


Definitely buy them now. I waited - looking for a better deal - and now we are driving. Gas prices made the ticket prices soar. Not to mention that we are going during “Jersey Week” and almost all flights became unavailable.


Man, I just looked and they are discontinuing flights from Newark to LAX, which stinks because I am desperately looking for cheap last minute airfare for the weekend of Nov 10th-13th!!!


Get the tickets now but keep looking for a better fare. Southwest is very good about changing things. I changed our flights 5 times because of better flight times and/or rates and now have a credit for the next trip. Keep checking as availability changes a lot! And definetley sign up for Ding, its great, our last flights were $38.00 each.


Buy now and ask for adjustment if the price changes. If you wait you wont be able to get what you want.


Buy now while there are tickets in the Internet Special section. Also sign up for Ding. Sort of pain until they figure out how to limit it to your choice of departure city, but there are some really good deals. They go really quickly, and from my experience the ding fare may be a couple of bucks cheaper than the Internet special, if that.

You figure they are just offering deals on flights with low occupancies to fill the planes.


I have Ding and it is great! We are flying next week round trip for under a 38 dollars each way. My son and his DGF are flying back from Tampa for 34 dollars. I always fly southwest. They have lost my luggae twice but you just can’t beat their low prices.


Definitely go ahead and book the flight. I like Southwest and they make earning the Rapid Rewards credits so easy. I have only flown one actual roundtrip with them, but already only need two more flights for a free one (one of which is booked for new years eve). Plus they offer bonus credits all the time so it really pays off.


I was visiting SWA’s website daily for the last seven weeks. For the longest time, they were only booking fares to February 3rd. Five days ago, they lengthened their booking window to the end of March. I did not book my tickets right away. Within 48 hours every single flight around my dates needed was unavailable. And, that wsn’t just for a specific date. I tried several dates around my target. All gone! Even the higher-priced tickets. :noo:

Moral of this sad story: BOOK NOW!


I think the rewards program sucks. For some unknown reason half of my flights don’t get credited. Once wife and I on sale flight to MCO and back. She got credit both ways but computer only says I flew back. :nonono2:

With eticketing and print you own boarding passes, it’s hard to prove you flew, especially months later when you realize the flights weren’t creditied.

But I still LUV SWs ticket prices and the effect on other carrier’s prices.


All you need to do is call to get them credited to your account.


I tend to agree with the buy early way of thought… Gambling can pay off, but it may end up losing in the end…

Ding is another great option to explore. You have the time for it too!

SW does a great job of keeping prices down with their advanced purchasing of jet fuel, but the price has been climbing quite a bit (much like our regular gasoline). Keep in mind that as they start to feel the pinch with jet fuel in the coming months that prices may rise for SW.


Yea, that’s certainly worth a try. Can claim ignorance and say I just looked up my account. Nothing to loose.