Southwest September Special?


Hi Everyone,

My girlfriend’s boss seems to be pretty confident about a special for Southwest Airlines during the month of September where its BOGO on all flights. I can’t seem to find anything on it, but if it’s true we’ll be back in September for the free dining!

Does anybody know anything about this??


Ahhh haa!

I’ve answered my own question. Southwest does have a deal where if you book basically the same package you can get on the Disney site, a 2nd person flies free.

However, for a 7 night stay it seems that I only save $7 booking through Southwest over Disney. So where is the free flight? The total cost through Southwest should be about $200 less than Disney’s…shouldn’t it?

I’m going to stop…I feel like I’m just talking to myself! :laugh:


I don’t know anything about this promotion but the flights to and from Orlando from my home airport are $49 each way which is really good. Hope you can figure it out as it sounds like a great deal!