Hi All

I have a booking on US Airways flying out of Orlando into Las Vegas in September. Unfortunately, US Air have changed the flight to a departure time of 6:55am…so I’m not up for a ME pick-up of 3:55am!!:glare:

Soooo, I have been looking at the SouthWest website and can get a one way fare (non-stop) for $145.00.

How do the airlines compare? Also, my travel agent in Australia is unable to book SouthWest so I will be taking all the risk - what are your thoughts?!?

Appreciate any advice you can give me…


I really have only read a few not so perfect things about southwest…really few. Almost everything I read about them is positive. There are many members on here who fly with no one else but Southwest. You should just go for it.


I think SWA is awesome! Not one issue here. Go For it!


We love SW. So far, our experience has been great. We are flying them again in less than a week.


We like SW. The only downside is the open seating. Doesn’t bother us, but some people like to know where they are sitting ahead of time.


I love Southwest. To date, I can’t think of a time when our flight was delayed, the employees are always very friendly, the fares are good. I believe you’ll be just fine.


I wish I could say the same (BAD weather) but the SWA gate agent worked her butt off so we could make our cruise. We took the grand tour of the country and the trip took 21 hours and 5 legs instead of 8.5 hours and 2 but by golly we made the cruise with a hour to spare. :eek:

SWA is good people.

The open seating actually works well. You are assigned a boarding group and number. Line up in the boarding area, get on and grab ANY seat. Fastest turn times in the business. Of course it’s really not ANY seat. I always try to turn left into the cockpit but darn it, those two seats are already taken! :laugh:


We love SWA. It is all we will travel (if given a choice). It is no frills open seating (by groups). The people are friendly. The cost is always below what other carriers that fly where we are is.


We LOVE Southwest. Flying isn’t my favorite thing to do - so I feel so comfortable when the flight attendants start joking around with everyone, it really relaxes me. Even when they are doing the important safety routine they throw humor into it.

One time we had to wait about 20 min on the runway because of traffic, so the flight attendants started playing games with the passengers. One game I remember was - 2 flight attendants stood at the first row - one on the left of the plane, one on the right. with a roll of toilet paper. Passengers had to pass the roll over their head to the person behind them and whichever side reached the back first won. They gave out SW playing cards, pins, pens to all the people on the winning side. It was so fun you didn’t even notice the delay!

The non-assigned seats don’t bother me at all, as long as you print your boarding passes 24 hrs. prior you will have no problem.


We just flew SWA for the 1st time last week and they’re GREAT! Fun, punctual and great with the kids. We had a blast, made the kids’ 1st flight very memorable. We can’t wait to fly with them again!


If i understand your situation they changed a flight ,if I understand it proerly you might have the right to 1 get your money back 2have awa get you an itinerary that works for you…the stipulation I have heard that they honor is a 2 or 4 hour difference from the original


once I read my own post it did not make sense …if they change anitinerary from its original timing and if that itinerary is either 2or 4 hours different from your original then they might compensate you or help to get you arrangements that work for you…also recently I have become a huge fan of SWA


We enjoy SWA also. It is a very relaxed, fun atmosphere. I would jump on it if I were you.
Also, if I am not mistaken, ME doesn’t run that early in the morning. I may be wrong on that one, but for some reason, I am thinking they don’t start airport transfers until 5 or 6 am.
I would make the reservation, I think you would be fine.


I have flown Southwest more than half of the times I’ve flown anywhere in my life, and I can’t say enough good stuff about them! Really, for the price, I found it to be the most timely, efficient, friendly airline ever. LOVE Southwest.

Definitely go for it!!


Thanks everyone!

I think I will do it! Just waiting to see if the Australian Dollar gets to parity with the US Dollar…

I will get a refund eventually from US airways - but not until I have completed all the legs of my other flights, and then less $45.00 for an “admin fee”! So by Christmas I will see my money back - which means that they will have had my money for over 12 months!


:eek: That is crazy! Gotta love how airlines work huh…:dry:


We just Flew SW 2x’s, and they were great as usual!


Also, Southwest is one of the few airlines making a profit these days. Definitely knows how to run a business, kind of like Disney. Their employees are wonderful to deal with, and all flights I have been on are very punctual. Our last flight, right after we landed, our flight attendant sang us a departing song. It was so fun to hear her and the lyrics, we didn’t even know we were already parked and ready to get off the plane.


That happened on our return flight too, wonder if it was the same lady?!?!?


That is so weird because we had a flight attendant sing to us after we landed last week. I don’t remember any of the song but we all laughed and clapped and she offered to keep singing. I wonder if we all had the same woman.