more "cattle call"!


I was just watching the news and there was
a little story stating that in November they
will start having assigned seats for everyone.


Good morning! That would be great, because that is the one thing we do not like about Southwest. We usually fly Southwest to WDW, because they usually have good deals and they are the only carrier who flies nonstop from Providence so we don’t have to go out of Boston.
Thanks for the info.


After flying SWA for years now it’s almost like a sport to see if we can get “A” tickets and jockey your way into the best seats. Assigned seats are boring.


I love SWA for the cattle call boarding. It’s fast because people aren’t looking for a certain seat, they grab one and we’re off.


I don’t like it at all, I want a seat with my
name on it!:laugh:


I love traveling Southwest as well. It is so much better to go out of Providence than Boston. I will be happy with the assigned seating. We had one trip where we were seated in the last group. People were nice enough to let me sit with my youngest but one of my kids, who was only 10 at the time, was seated two rows behind. It was a later flight and a little stressful.
My past trip I went online 24hours ahead to print out tickets in order to getting boarding group A. My husband even left Epcot to go and print tickets to get on the plane first. I will be happy to have assigned seating and not have to be stressed out about being seperated.


Sometimes after a week or more in Disney, separation is nice. Wife (Daisee) and I can sit together in peace and the kidlets can sit together on the other end of the plane. Ahhhh…2 hours of bliss…:blush:


I have always avoided SW if possible due to the cattle call. If they go with assigned seats like all the other air lines then I may look into using them more


We love SW too- I never mind the cattle call either. If you just check in ahead of time you have any seat you want basicly. And yes people tend to sit down faster if it does not matter when or where they do it!
I also love that its a cheap airline out of our local airport - We could get cheap air out of NY or Boston but Hartford is Just a short trip down the highway!!


It’s just a change…the cattle call isn’t going away, it’s just going to be different according to what I read. They say it is but it’s really just getting a tweak. It looks like it should work better.

I’m not crazy about the A-B-C process, but it works.

Here is snippet from SWA press release:
Beginning in early November, Customers will be assigned a letter and a number on their Southwest boarding pass when they check in for a flight (for example: A32). This unique combination represents the Customers’ reserved spot in their boarding group-boarding positions are separated into groups of five. When a Customer’s boarding group is called, they simply find their designated place in line to board the aircraft. The A group will queue first in two lines: A1-30 on one side of marked columns and A31-60 on the other side, followed by two groups of B, and then the remaining Cs. Click here to a view video of the new process: ( ).


Cool!!! I like this idea.


I like the idea of adding a number to it. You can check in online and get an “A” ticket, but if you are not lucky enough to be the first people in the queue… you might as well have a B ticket. So adding the number will help curb the over zealous folks that sit in the A line for a hr. before the flight boards.

One thing I do not care for is all the folks that take advantage of the pre boarding with under 3 (age) kids. I have seen as many as 10 adults preboard with 1 child. That is just not right. IF you are a family with little ones… no big deal… go ahead and board… but those that tag along… its just not right.


Yes, this bugs me too.

I think the new idea of adding the number will make it nicer as far as lining up goes.


Not to mention all the people who “rent a senior” so they can tag along with them in the preboarding line.


Does anyone else see arguments from people saying “im in front of you” and “Hey he is boarding with 1-10 and his ticket says 32” I dont know - perhaps I have been hanging with the 10 and 12 year olds too much lately!


Funny you should say that, but on our way to Orlando, and on our way back to Detroit, people from the “B” line tried to sneak on with the “A” people, and each time, they were stopped by the other passengers, tattling on them. Hehe!!


Im hoping that maybe since they are adding the #'s that it will prevent everyone from rushing to get into their assign letter and sit on the floor for hours blocking everyone else. The last time when we were in Orlando there was like a family of 12 and they assigned on person to sit on the floor in their section while everyone else roamed etc, however it was 1 person sitting there and everyone elses carryon luggage all over the place. I cant even begin to tell you how people tripped over the bags and nearly broke their neck or leg. It was bad.


I wonder what would happen if a “32” got in line with the “5-10” group. Will SW tell them no go?

One trip we heard the “only parents of little kids” speech and as Daisee said, a whole slew of people boarded with one kid, but SW DIDN"T stop them!

I like the new number in line plan. No standing for 20 mins in order to be in the front of the A/B/C group line.


I would assume that SW would look at the boarding pass to make sure that the # matched the # that they called and if someone didnt have the correct # they would tell the passenger that they have to wait. You know that there is always going to be someone who “squeeks” by etc.


It isn’t that I dislike Southwest we have had
great rates on a few occasions ( one trip to
WDW I bagged the internet special which was
$54.00 pp each way!) If we don’t get a great
rate by the time I figure in parking for 12 days
or taking a towncar its a wash. So I might as
well just take Jetblue out of Boston. And yes
the fact people camp out in the Southwest
lines is really annoying to me. Travel is stressful
enough for me, I just want to sit and wait for
our boarding time get to MY seat and then
cross one more obstacle off the list.