Thinking of doing the health spa at the GF since we will be guest in Oct. Any suggestions?


I am not sure what kind of suggestions you seek. DW has an appointmenrt in October as well. Last time we went ‘home’ the spa was run my Nikki Bryant. Disney has taken over so we are not sure what to expect. DW loved it any time she visited, but preferred SSR spa.


Did the SSR 2 years ago and enjoyed it. Was thinking of the the bubble bath treatment this year.


I happen to be going today…

Hahahahahaha true! Lol

… So I will post a report this afternoon!


Ahhhhhhhhh, great and let us know, lucky you


I loved the spa at SSR as well. I am curious as well cause I am debating on the spa at The Swan and Dolphin or GF. I have not been to either so if anyone has reviews on eihter one, I would love to hear them.


OK, back – wanted to say I went to both Mandara Spa and Senses Spa in one day! DD and her BFF had serious pedicures at Senses, followed by eyebrow waxing at Mandara. I carted the camera around at both visits, and I will show you everything you want to know!

Report up tomorrow, I promise!


Looking forward to hearing more details!


I will be making an appointment for our May trip and,if money allows,our Oct. trip. I have seen photos,watched the video and it all sounds very relaxing.


What photos? Which video?


Kinda will give you a glimpse into what they offer. I am sold!!!

Senses Spa tour in the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World - YouTube


Just posted photos and info in the WDW Other Areas forum! Go see…


Based on the videos, I will probably stick with SSR.

A few years ago, we tried the GF Spa while the Disney Institute was being converted to SSR. (We had gone to the spa several times while it was the Disney Institute).

To me the GR Spa was grungy, and the hot tub rooms were small. It looks like they took care of the grungy, but hot tub rooms are still small.

When we go to a spa at a resort for a massage, we like to make it a half day event. I.E. arrive early, use the hot tubs and saunas, get the massage treatment, and the use the hot tubs and saunas again.

SSR is more spacious.