Spa at Saratoga or Spa at Grand Floridian?


Please let me know which spa is better. Looking for a little extra relaxation in April while in WDW.



This is a good question. I have been to the Spa at SSR 2 times and both times were fabulous. I am currently looking at going to the GF Spa and would like to know if it is better or about the same. But SSR Spa is awesome, if that helps.


Thanks. I was looking more toward SSR because we will be at OKW. By the way there are coupons for the spas on the WDW site under the link for the resorts. Here is the link


You know, I have never in my life gone to a spa. I’m starting to think this may be a good thing to try.


WHA?!!! You must!!! I even go to our local day spa every once in a while!

I haven’t been to the Saratoga Spa, but I enjoyed the one at GF!:happy:


Okay, recommendations. What do I get…a facial? massage? I have no clue what’s good.


I just get a swedish massage. I think thats the name. I have added a reflexology to it. I have also gotten a deep tissue massage too. They were all great. I did print out a coupon for our upcomming trip. I am still think whether I want to go or not.


Oh my!!:ohmy: Get yourself to one. It is a very good thing - a very, very GOOD thing!

I always get a manicure and pedicure and a deep-cleansing facial, with a shoulder, neck and arm massage. I know lots LOVE a full body massage, but it makes me a little uncomfortable. I keep laying there thinking: are they looking at my cellulite?:redface:

I’ve never been to either of the spas at WDW, but I think I would lean towards SSR. How does one say this…:angel: I think I might “fit in” better at SSR. GF might be a little too “Housewives of New York” for me.


I do love full body massage. I figure it’s a little like going to the doctor- no big deal, they’ve seen it all…

(A friend of mine works in a spa, and aside from facials, etc, she does bikini waxes… and believe me, she has seen it ALL! :laugh:)


I think I might have to agree with “fitting in” better at SSR. Not so much the HWNY type. More like the HW of Brooklyn ; )