SPA fun for the wife


I’m going on a fishing excursion and wanted to suprise the wife with a spa treatment at one of the hotels. We’re staying at the POR. Any suggestions???


Mandara Spa at Dolphin is excellent, though pricey.


When are you going? I’m using the spa at Saratoga Springs next weekend. I can let you know how it is. I am already impressed that I was able to get in on a week’s notice, and was able to pick whatever time I wanted, for both myself and my daughter.

Their site is Niki Bryan Spas :: Relaxed Yet™.

BTW, all the spas are pricey. But, it’s vacation, right??


Spa at Saratoga from that location


We’re not going until the end of July so let me know how it is!


tell my husband to do the same? LOL

got no idea, though I heard the spa at the GF was nice…


I’m doing this out of the Love for my wife…not to mention I get to go fishing!!! Hopefully I won’t catch anything too large, or it will end up costing me another couple hundred getting a replica mounted.:laugh:



BTW, all the spas are pricey. But, it’s vacation, right??[/QUOTE]

I think the prices are fairly similar, but Mandara seems to be the highest overall.


I set up a spa treatment surprise for my DW at the GF back in 2005 while we were there for her birthday. She loved it.


DW has been to both SSR and GF. She tells me SSR is nicer.


How about AKL. The resort is beautifull and the spa looks great. I can’t give a personal review because I have never been but I am sure the one you choose, she will love. Just the thought is awesome.