Spa pricing?


Hello all! I can’t seem to find a pricing list for the SSR Spa? Does anyone know how to find one?


Here is a coupon for $50 off any service!

And I found a price list:

Massage Therapies

The Spa at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort offers you a choice of Massage Therapies designed to release tension, promote harmony and restore your sense of well-being.

Swedish Massage
Traditional Swedish techniques to relieve muscle soreness increase circulation and induce a state of total relaxation.
(50 minute, 80 minute) $110, $160

Aromatherapy Massage
The therapeutic benefits of pure aromatic, herbal essential oils are added to your Swedish massage. Choice of aromatherapy oil.
(50 or 80 minutes) $125, $175

Adirondack Stone Therapy
This unique therapy brings heated basalt and sedimentary stones in line with your meridian (energy) points to promote a harmonizing and balancing effect on the body. Swedish massage techniques and aromatherapy oil induce a deep sense of relaxation.
(80 minutes) $175

Motherhood Massage
Designed for expectant ladies to relax and receive some much needed nurturing! Extra care and attention are given as you experience a sense of rejuvenation of both body and spirit!
(50 minutes) $120

Mystical Forest Therapies
Experience the calming and therapeutic effects of the Spa at Saratoga’s Signature Treatment! Combining the unique healing powers of reflexology and Swedish massage, this treatment is energizing, balancing and deeply stress relieving.
(50 minutes) $125

Based on the traditional Japanese technique designed to balance your “ki”, or vital energy and aid the body in healing itself. Using elbows, knees, feet, fingers and thumbs, your therapist concentrates on your body’s acupuncture points. Shiatsu is received with clothes on; loose clothing is suggested.
(50 minutes) $120

Healing Hands Massage
Following a brief, private consultation with your therapist, this massage will concentrate on your specific needs. A curative blend of several techniques will alleviate your specific symptoms of holding unnatural stress. Moderate to firm pressure may be used during this massage.
(50 or 80 minutes) $125, $175

Based on the ancient Egyptian tradition that energy zones run throughout and correspond to all of your body’s major organ systems, this treatment is performed entirely on the feet using a pressure point technique. Reflexology induces deep relaxation and improves circulation.
(50 minutes) $120

In-Room Swedish Massage
Enjoy a massage in the absolute peace of your guest room. Your reservation to relax can be made by calling the spa.
(50 or 80 minutes) $150, $200 (after hours prices change)


We searched the world for pure, active and organic ingredients to bring you a line of botanical skincare products to restore your natural, healthy radiance.

Saratoga Springs Deluxe
Enjoy this completely rejuvenating and stimulating treatment. Your esthetician will customize this treatment for your needs. Includes the beneficial effects of two masks, a hand and foot massage. Your skin will be revitalized, hydrated and feeling fresh!
(80 minutes) $155

Aromatherapy Facial
Pure, natural, and chemical free herbal ingredients will cleanse and nourish your skin as exotic aromas relax your mind. Customized for all skin types.
(50 minutes) $115

OPC Facial
Restore a healthy radiance to nutrition-deprived skin due to sun damage, pollutants, aggressive products and time. A therapeutic treatment, rich in natural antioxidants. Excellent for mature skin, sensitive and allergic skin types.
(50 minutes) $120

Teenage Facial
The pressure of overscheduled hours, extracurricular activities and exhaustion often leaves teenage skin inflamed and neglected. This treatment is designed to nourish and restore a healthy, radiant glow.
(50 minutes) $115

Gentleman’s Facial
A deep cleansing and purifying facial designed especially for men. Great for skin irritated by shaving. A hydrating treatment that leaves your skin smooth and refreshed.
(50 minutes) $115

My First Facial
A mini facial designed for our young guests, 10-14 years of age, to introduce the basics of good skincare. A fun and educational primer for a lifetime of healthy skin. This mini facial includes take home skincare samples.
(25 minutes) $65

Body Treatments

The Spa at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort takes you into a tranquil, mystical state of relaxation with treatments designed for maximum body and mind benefits.

Mystical Forest Body Masque & Wrap
Envelope your body in a rich body masque using the signature Mystical Forest blend of essential oils and natural clay with powerful trace minerals that promote collagen renewal and stimulate natural tissue regeneration. You are lightly wrapped to encourage the bio-absorption of natural minerals as your skin is nourished and you return to a state of natural well-being.
(50 minutes) $120

Maple Sugar Body Polish
A fun and healthy way to restore the natural radiance of your skin. A gentle exfoliation using the combination of micronized sugar and essential oils will bring a native glow to your skin, while increasing circulation and hydrating your skin.
(50 minutes) $120

Healing Herbal Body Scrub
A gentle exfoliation using a natural exfoliating gel combined with lavender body oil and a blend of essential oils. This effective treatment activates dull skin and circulation. A nourishing treat for your body and spirit!
(25 minutes) $65

Indian Summer Paraffin Body Treatment
An activating oil is applied to your skin and then warm paraffin wax is painted onto your body. Muscles and joints are soothed and warmed as a light wrap retains the heat. A deeply soothing treatment for sun damaged and dry skin.
(80 minutes) $170

“Sleeping Beauty” Body Masque & Wrap
A natural, pink clay, rich in minerals and combined with the therapeutic blend of neroli and lavender essential oils promotes a sense of total relaxation. Your muscles relax and your circulation is stimulated to encourage natural detoxification as you are lightly wrapped for maximum benefit.
(50 minutes) $120

Marine Algae Body Masque & Wrap
This nourishing iosealh treatment is formulated from algae grown in the pristine waters off the Brittany coast of France. Providing re-mineralization, restoring balance and inducing relaxation, this treatment’s benefits will nourish and hydrate your skin, while natural detoxification is stimulated.
(50 minutes) $120

Hydro Massage Therapies

Wash the world away and restore your sense of psychological and physical well-beingwith Hydro-Massage Therapies designed to elevate your mood and ease specific conditions. The Hydro-therapy tub uses jets to gently massage your entire body while you relax.

Geyser Spring
Enjoy Birch and Arnica, nature’s best herbal combination for soothing away muscular aches and pains and especially good to avoid soreness from overexertion. Combined with a powerful antioxidant scrub and health-giving lemongrass mineral salts, a great way to end your day and begin your evening!
(45 minutes) $105

Oneida Spring
Submerge yourself in a bath that will revitalize and encourage circulation, especially therapeutic for a jet lagged mind and body! You will emerge feeling refreshed, and clear-headed, ready for your day!
(45 minutes) $105

Polaris Spring
Reconnect with yourself and soak away the cares of the day in this beautiful blend of nurturing oils and herbs. Pine grounds and quiets the mind and body, a perfect compliment to Sandalwood’s ability to induce meditation. Combined with relaxing lavender, this bath will help you soothe and nurture both mind & body.
(45 minutes) $105

Lincoln Spring
This bath is designed for a special time when you need to look and feel your most radiant. A rich blend of rosewood, geranium, vetiver, palmarosa, lavender essential oils will hydrate and heal your skin, leaving it smooth and youthful. Ylang ylang and patchouli will linger as an exotic fragrance following this bath.
(45 minutes) $105

Rosemary Spring
This highly therapeutic bath is designed to promote lymphatic drainage and assist the body in the elimination of toxins. We have gathered thyme, rosemary, tea tree, sage and other potent herbs for this effective blend, excellent to restore the weary traveler to vibrant health.
(45 minutes) $105

Mineral Springs
Damaging free radicals are soaked out of the tissues with this high dose of vitamin C, combined with activating herbs to repair and rejuvenate you inside and out. Very refreshing and enlivening!
(45 minutes) $105

Hand and Foot Treatments

Choose a relaxing manicure or pedicure or a therapeutic paraffin treatment and feel your best!

Spa Manicure
A relaxing hand massage and masque combine to create a luxurious hand treatment. Choice of natural nails or polish.
(50 minutes) $50+

Spa Pedicure
Relax as your technician gentling exfoliates your feet, then applies a masque for hydrating and soothing your feet. Natural nails or polish.
(50 minutes) $65+

My First Manicure
A mini manicure for our young guests, 4-12 years of age.
(25 minutes) $30

My First Pedicure
A real spa pedicure for our young guests, 4-12 years of age.
(25 minutes) $30

Aromatherapy Oils and moisturizing cream are massaged into your hands and/or feet, and warm paraffin wax is applied to enhance absorption.
(25 minutes) May be enjoyed separately or combined with a manicure or pedicure.

Spa Packages

Our combinations of selected spa treatments maximize relaxation and therapeutic benefits to compliment a healthy approach toward an optimum state of living!

Saratoga Springs Essential - $347
“Sleeping Beauty” Body Masque & Wrap * 50 minute Healing Hands Massage * Maple Sugar Body Polish

Relaxed Yet? - $295
Mystical Forest Therapies * 50 min Facial * Spa Manicure or Pedicure

My First Spa Experience - $119
My First Facial * My First Manicure * My First Pedicure

Couple’s Relaxation - $420
Take time just for the two of you! Discover a new sense of togetherness! The two of you will each receive a 45 minute Aromatherapy Massage and a 45 minute Hydro-Massage Therapy. Includes a relaxation time with tea for two.

Disney Vacation Club Members Package - $441
*Hydro-Massage Treatment of choice
*Mystical Forest Body Masque & Wrap
*Mystical Forest Therapies
*Aromatherapy Facial

Adirondack Adventure - $461
*Healing Herbal Body Scrub
*Adirondack Stone Therapy
*50 minute Facial


Thank you for finding that info. I saw the coupon and almost fell off my chair! It will be perfection, we will be at WDW for fathers Day, and this is going to be his gift, a massage!