Spa @ Saratoga?


Howdy folks,

DW hurt her back and found she has sciatica. Of course it has happened at a time when our employer is changing insurance companies and the doctor that is on the current one is not on the new one.

Anyway, does anyone who has frequented the spa @ SSR know if the Spa has a massage that may be able to help? I know that the drive is gonna be rough on her and that she will not be able to do most of the rides.

If there is a masseuse there who someone can recommend, I will make an appointment for her

Thanks for any info


Do you have the link to the spa? DW visited last trip and loves it there.


I don’t Boss…hoping someone else may be able to provide some info, otherwise I will have to wait til we get there and see what happens


Didnt venture into the spa sadly when we stayed there in Aug but I think if you give them a ring they can patch you through and you can ask directly and they could help you put something together for her. The place does look amazing, even just looking at it relaxed me lol


I know they have a massage therapist - never had a massage myself, but it’s listed on the brochure. I agree, call SSR and ask to talk to the Spa. They can give you all the information you need.


When we stayed at SSR, my daughter and I were treated to massages by my boss. They were great. They were more of the “swedish” type, as in just a lot of massaging gently. It felt good, but when I have them at home, they do more of a deep tissue/sports massage. I did tell the girl she could go deeper, and she did, it still wasn’t the same.

In no way did I look at it in a negative view…just considering your wife is going for a specific reason, I thought I’d mention it. It was very relaxing.

Perhaps if you call the spa and explain what you are looking for they will know who to book her with.

I hope she enjoys it!!