Spa switch -- Mandara to Senses


OK, got a call from WDW two nights ago (almost broke a rib trying to grab the phone fast when I saw “Walt Disney World” on the caller ID!) and it was a CM from Mandara Spa at the Dolphin. I had booked a bunch of ressies (two medicures for my daughter and her friend, a shampoo and blow dry for me, as well as one for me to enjoy the “Bundle Up” Package which is a mini Swedich massage, a warm stone foot massage and a mini facial!) Now this is dropping some serious dollars, and I booked a long time ago.
So anyway, the CM called and said that the hair stylist would not be available after all, and they only have the one person who can do blowdrys. They wanted me to walk over to YC and try to get my hair done, or change my dates.
(hahaha I can only imagine what Wishuponastar has to say about my whining about this small issue! LOLOLOL)
Ultimately, nothing worked because a blowdry at YC is seriously expensive ($66 including mandatory tip). Plus, who wants to walk from Dolphin to YC with witch hair???
So I had to bite the bullet and switch our spa day to the new Senses Spa at GF. It is Disney-owned and a bit more expensive than Mandara (believe it or not, this is possible), but the service by phone has already been better. And they have a full whirlpool/sauna/showers/exercise room options that can be used by anyone who has an appointment at the spa. And you get your choice of aroma options on nail services: Relax (geranium), Renew (jasmine) and Imagine (can’t remember but it sounded nice).
They also offer an hour-long Hot Stone massage (that’s what I chose for myself) and they have the blowdry CM ready and waiting to fix hair after a long soak in the hot tub.
I think this little setback may have been the best thing to happen to our spa day! Here is the link to Senses:


Sounds luxurious! But they should have offered it to you at the price you were going to pay at the Mandara - they are the ones that necessitated the switch.


Mandara is privately owned, and Senses is Disney. So no need to cover the difference, in my mind. Of course, fi they want to throw in a champagne foot massage, I am game!


Aha - didn’t know that. Champagne would be a nice touch!:happy:


Big huge advisement on them - if you have to cancel for any reason, do make sure it’s within their time range. they will charge you every single penny that spa appointment was suppose to be. Heads up on that. Spent an hour on the phone and made a CM cry trying to get that fixed fora client who was lost in the magic and was late for a date at the spa…mess!


Thanks for the heads up! They took every credit card info I had, and then some! So I will watch out. They do give ressie numbers, but salon ressies do not show up on the online service yet (MDE) so ther eis no way to cancel or change them without calling. And you have to call WDW-SPAS, so it can be a little tougher than necessary to make a simple change. No phones directly to Senses.


Yes, you call the SPA number direct. They are really good, just unforgiving with the time frame you have to cancel. There was a huge mix-up leading up to her being at GF site as she was scheduled to be at SSR but they closed. I found this out WHILE at SSR - no email or call to let me know. I rescheduled her while on vacation. It was a debacle and I was not pleased. I got her half of her money back…


Half is good Dana! Especially at WDW.


Oh it all sounds sooo wonderful! I have never had a mani/pedi… hmmm, now I’m thinking…