Space Mountain--major refurb?


So while we were in Disney-- In the POP food court to be exact an overly friendly cm told us to make sure that we rode Space Mountain before it closed for a major rehab/overhaul which would take a year and a 1/2!!! :eek:

I didn’t know what to make of it! (Plus I don’t always believe what I hear :ph34r: )

Has anyone else heard anything?


This isn’t the first time I have heard this rumor…maybe they are finally going to do it. To be honest, I think it needs one big time…I haven’t even bothered to ride it the last two trips…really doesn’t do anything for me anymore.


I completely agree with you. It hasn’t been worth the wait for me for a few years. I hope they re-hab it with the type of take-off as RnRC. I’ve heard that the Space Mt. in Paris starts that way.


That would rock! I just never liked space…never really did anything for me at all and I like dark coasters. I can go without it every trip and usually manage to steer clear of all of tomorrow land excpet for the people mover (cause it makes me and my DD laugh and it’s a nice break from the crowds) and buzz…simply cause I like to compete in anything…lol


I don’t want them to change a thing. This is my DS’s favorite ride. In fact, on our September trip, they managed to go on 38 times! All I know is when we are at rope drop, that’s the first ride we head to, and a large portion of the crowd seems to go along with us. They can builder other bigger and faster roller coasters elsewhere in the parks, just leave this one alone!


When we were there last month we heard the same rumor. I thought wow a year and a half thats a long time. But I think it does need a refurb. We didn’t even ride on it this trip. It doesn’t thrill us anymore either.


Any idea when it will close?


Wow, Preston has posted. Welcome back Preston.

I have never been on Space Mountain. I actually wanted to give it a try this year. I also think I am going to try out ToT and RnR.
So, maybe I get lucky and the thing won’t go down for refurb until after I had a chance to ride it :blush:



And you call me chicken???


errrrr…I do not recall


Nice comeback.

I am not going to let go of this one, you know.


I agree, Space Mountain does need a bit of a refurb. The last time I rode it, which would have been Sept. '06, it was still fun, but you could tell it needed work. Anyone have any idea if this rumor is true or not and if it is, when the refurb would start?


If my opinon counts for anything, I’d like for them to just leave it alone. It’s not the most thrilling coaster, but how can you mess with Space Mountain. It just is what it is.


Oh no DD will be so mad if it is closed when we go next year!


Its a good ride but they do need to smooth out the ride…


I guess it could do with a good refurb… but I hope it is not anytime soon! It is DS and DH’s favorite ride!!! 39 days to go!!! I hope they wait until after then!!!


1 1/2 year rehab :eek: :eek: :eek: yowza, that seems a bit long, more like a total reconstruction than refurb. i’m a traditionalist, i kinda like things left alone. what will be left for me to remember going on as a kid w/ my parents if they keep changing things? :crying: i like the warm and fuzzy feeling i get from remembering yeah, this is exactly how it was when i came w/ my parents in the 70’s. there’s not much left for me :crying: :crying: :crying:


I agree with a lot of you. SM does need a refurb but don’t change the ride itself. I would rather seem them build a new coaster than change a true classic like SM. I would want to see the waiting queue area, the lite pictures on the wall and the exit scenery changed because it looks so old.
A nice update to those areas are a welcomed change in my book but please don’t touch the ride. For many many years kids have over come their coasters fears and cut their first coaster teeth on SM. How can you just change tradition or a classic??


SM is an awesome ride. I agree with everyone else it does need to be updated. DL did a nice refurb on their SM and it rocks


Well look who’s joined us! Nice to see you again! :happy:

I was thinking the same thing, it would be nice to see a refurb like the DL one.

As much as I enjoy the ride, there are lots of things I can think of that should be re-done.