Space Mountain now with "Starry-O-Phonic" audio


Space Mountain has a new off-board audio system called “Starry-O-Phonic Sound.” I rode the Peoplemover (:happy:!!) last night and heard music playing inside SM… the ride wasn’t letting guests on at the time so I thought maybe there was a private party going on, but apparently this music is part of a new audio feature.


Space Mountain is now running with it’s brand new audio system, dubbed ‘Starry-O-Phonic Sound’. The addition of the audio now completes the major 2009 refurbishment that added new storyline elements, new lighting and darkening effects, updated loading area and queue, new queue interactive games and an on-ride photo system.

Unlike Rock ‘n’ RollerCoaster or Space Mountain in Disneyland or Paris, which use on-board speakers mounted in the train, Space Mountain uses 60 speakers installed “off-board” on the sides of the track. Sound effects and music are timed to play as each train passes. The soundtrack was written specifically for the Magic Kingdom’s mountain by composer Mike Brassell.

The full article can be found here - it includes a review of the musical score and sound effects, and there is a youtube clip at the bottom of the page that lets you listen to the whole ride with the new audio.


I saw this in an article online last night. I showed it to DH, and he and I were both disappointed that we missed this by just a couple of weeks. I think it will add so much more to the ride. I guess that’s our reason to go back. :laugh:


This sounds cool! I can’t wait to hear it for myself!


We are heading over soon to hear it. Report back soon.


Very cool! I was wondering if it was the same as at DLR, now I know it’s not :slight_smile:


I just hope they didn’t change the song when waiting in line. It’s by dh’s favorite music in the whole park. He will be so disappointed if they changed it.


Ok here it is your Tigger report on “Starry-O-Phonic”.

FOUR Thumbs ups.

Much of it is subtle background effects sounds. There is musical components that are knitted together very well. I really think that this is another great upgrade to this ride…much better then the music addition to SM at DL.

Ok so what is the changes?

The original pre-show music is still there. You walk in and it is playing the familiar melody but halfway thru the tunnel it starts to change. Little by little parts are added and subtracted until you have a whole new environmental background…then the only disappointment…it ends when you enter the que/loading bay. There is still news sound track in the que/loading bay area just little bits and pieces of it but the main problem is there is enough to make everyone talk louder, making it much louder in the bay.

Now loaded on the ship and ready for your journey…


The music and sound effect continue on the ride. There are a lot more sound effects (that I noticed anyway) that build a tapestry on the ride. Lots of little space noises like vortexes and shooting stars, they really make good use of doppler effect. There is music interspersed as well but it isn’t overwhelming or really noticeable (unless you are paying attention). You are passing speakers at different locations, at different distances, and different depths all building the experiences.

By the time you are to the exit the music is more modern and upbeat…not my favorite but it matches the energy of the ride by the end that is really well done.

The old sound effects (launch and worm-hole) are still there but seem a lot richer, more range to the effect and real depth (not the old flat, tinny, sounds like one speaker sounding effect).

With the new darkness of the ride, the star field, the smoothed track, the pre-show games, and now the new sound system I am more then happy with the 2009 rehab.

I think everyone is going to love this upgrade to the ride.


Sounds cool… can’t wait to try it next week!!


Sounds Starry! Can’t wait to hear it.


I wonder why they couldn’t have installed this and had it functional when they concluded the upgrades last year.


I suspect that they were working on mixing and adjusting the sound track. You have a lot of speakers that have to sync up with a car whizzing past. The use of sound is really good and from the little (very little compared to you) I suspect it took time to get it right.


I love SM! And I have been amazed and pleasantly surprised with the changes. I was definitely worth the wait while they refurbished it. My only complaint (if you could call it that) is that the on-ride photo area is a little random. It is not the usual right-before-the-drop area that I guess I am used to.


your the sound expert, why didn’t they hire you?