Space Mountain Refurb


I don’t know if there has already been a thread about this, but I was curious. Last time I went to Disney the Space Mountain renovation wasn’t completed yet. I heard it’s mostly the same. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me about how it is now. What’s different? What’s the same?


Most of the changes are in the atmosphere. The queue is much lighter, and they added games that you can play while you’re waiting. They added a ceiling in the loading room, so you can’t look up and see the track. The queue is set up differently in the boarding room.

The track is the same, but it’s smoother. It’s darker. The entire ride is much quieter (though it still has the clickety chain lift). They added a ride photo but it’s in a lame location - the ride hasn’t even started, yet and everyone looks bored. You have to know where the camera is and pose to get a good picture.

And then the exit has changed out. Along the moving sidewalk, they took out the old scenes (like the “Lab Retriever”). And they replaced the old tvs in the last room with flat-screens.


When will it be complete?


:laugh:December 2009:laugh:

Which means its complete right now.