Space Mountain.....Down for all of 2008?


I’ve heard a rather unsettling rumor that Space Mountain will be getting gutted and overhauled and it’ll take all of 2008 to do it. My next trip is planned for Sept 2008. Please tell me this isn’t true.


Haven’t heard this at all. Will start asking.


Ooh, maybe it’s getting the overhaul just like Disneyland’s SM. :happy:


I actually have been starting to hear about this from some CMs over the last year. It’s supposed to be a complete rebuild like they did in California. I can’t say for sure they will or won’t replace the track, but they are supposed to be adding on ride effects and music similar to what was done in California.


I hope it’s true!! Space Mountain REALLY REALLY needs a refurb & it’s DL sister version is so awesome! I’d love to see it re-done like they did in DL.


You know I missed Disneyland’s Space Mountain’s reopening by one month. My 50th birthday was in mid June and there were no soft openings during the 5 days we were at Disneyland.


not heard that it will be down for all of 2008!
have you looked on they usually have a good list of rehabs.

sorry i can’t be more help.


Allears is reporting a refurb January 1 to February 15, 2008 only. So it doesn’t look like a major overhaul.


Yeaah, and Spaceship Earth was supposed to reopen in November and Teppan Edo was supposed to open in August.

Just you wait. The other shoe will drop soon. Or my name isn’t Micheal Eisner.


Oh wait. It isn’t.


Love to hear about the differences… I was only at Space Mountain at DL once, and it was decades ago! I remember loving Space Mountain way back when!


OH no that’s when I’ll be there:frown:


Ok I don’t see that Space Mountain is being refurbed on all ears. I see that Splash Mountain is. Jan 1st-Feb 15th


It’s been many years since I was on SM at DL, I didn’t know they had changed it/added to it! Guess I am overdue for a visit.

If it’s as cool as it sounds, I hope they do add it to SM at WDW.


While searching the website for info on Space Mountain I see this!!! What the &*&%%$??? Are they seriously closing this for reburb AGAIN??? It was closed last January!!! How can they do this to me? This is my favoritest ride in all of Disney!!! I’m freaking out!!


Both All Ears and the official WDW site show Splash Mountain closed from 1/1-2/15. No mention of Space. As of now.


I certainly hope not… It would be bad for us to fly back there and have my hubbies favorite ride closed. He wouldn’t be too happy about it… I hope its just for a couple of months instead of all year.


I really really hope they give WDW’s SM that big overhaul soon…honestly, I feel selfish keeping this great one to ourselves over here on the West Coast! The improvements are great and I want everyone in WDW to be able to enjoy it too! :happy: The time it was shut down really stunk, but in the end it was worth it!


Well, there’s no doubt it needs a refurb.

It just about jangled my teeth out in Sept. I like Space Mountain, but I think I could deal with a long closure, if it means improving it. It’s Spaceship Earth closure that just about killed me. I hope it’s finally open when we’re there in Feb.


I hope its just a rumor but if it isnt please let them start after ny trip